OH! Chart Results: Broken records and new faces

One idol group put themselves in uncharted territory and withstood eight new nominees. However, chart regulars still managed to feature in the top 14. Who stormed away with a commanding victory this week?

How the OH! Chart system works:

The chart is divided into three different categories: Gaon Streaming and Downloads (55%), Hanteo Physical Sales (25%), and OH User Voting (20%). OH users are allowed to vote and have a say in the overall chart ranks of certain songs each week. OH users can vote for more than one nominee but cannot vote for the same nominee more than once. Every week, data from the three categories will be gathered and weighted accordingly. The artists with the 10 highest scores will make it onto the chart. If an artist wins a triple crown, their results will not be recorded in future charts.


All-conquering girl group TWICE notched the OH! Chart’s very first triple crown in week 8. TWICE sailed to first place with 16.42 points, ahead of fellow former winner SEVENTEEN (10.80 points) and global superstar G-Dragon (10.56 points). Produce 101’s “Never” missed out on a podium finish by 2.89 points.

Popular boy group SEVENTEEN headed the physical category by selling 23,326 copies. TWICE notched marginally less than previous weeks with 12, 547 copies. Veteran rock band FT Island sold a respectable 9,943 copies.

For the downloads, G-Dragon’s “Untitled, 2014” stormed into first place with 218,500 hits. Produce 101’s smash hit “Never”, came second (138, 266 hits) ahead of G-Dragon’s “Superstar” (132,931). Meanwhile, TWICE dominated the streaming category by recording 5, 818, 168 hits. Joining TWICE in the over 5 million territory are Produce 101 (5,262,651) and SISTAR (5,026,255).

TWICE’s stranglehold in the OH category continued, as they clinched first place on 67 votes. Fellow girl group WJSN garnered some love by finishing with 32 votes. SISTAR ensured it was a clean sweep in the OH top three, recording 20 votes.



Top 14:

  1. TWICE – Signal – (Gaon Downloads:67,005, Gaon Streaming: 5,818,168, Hanteo: 12,547, OH: 67 = Total score: 16.42)
  2. SEVENTEEN – Don’t Wanna Cry (Gaon Downloads:0, Gaon Streaming:0, Hanteo:23,326, OH: 17= Total score: 10.80)
  3. G-Dragon – Untitled, 2014 (Gaon Downloads: 218,500, Gaon Streaming: 4,000,707, Hanteo: 0, OH: 15= Total score: 10.56)
  4. Produce 101 – Never
  5. SISTAR – Lonely
  6. WJSN – Happy
  7. G-Dragon – Superstar
  8. G-Dragon – Bullshit
  9. PSY – New Face
  10. Produce 101 – Oh Little Girl
  11. PSY – I LUV IT
  12. Produce 101 – Open Up
  13. FT Island – Wind
  14. iKON – Bling Bling

No.1 Spotlight: TWICE

Previous ranking: First

Triple-crown winners TWICE have proved their ascendency in the K-Pop industry over the last month. “Signal” is yet another catchy bop that is very addictive, especially after a few more listens. TWICE definitely firmed their stance as one of the leading idol groups in the current landscape.

With TWICE’s triple crown taking them out of consideration for “Signal” in future OH! Charts, who will step up to the plate? Can Produce 101’s popular tracks record bigger numbers? Or will G-Dragon hit daebak after finishing third? Let us know your thoughts below!

OH!Press' resident journo

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