OH! Chart Results: Who claimed their first crown?

A consistent OH!Chart performer made a breakthrough while idol groups also rose to the occasion. With only two debutants, can the regulars get the upper hand?

How the OH!Chart system works:

The chart is divided into three different categories: Gaon Streaming and Downloads (55%), Hanteo Physical Sales (25%), and OH User Voting (20%). OH users are allowed to vote and have a say in the overall chart ranks of certain songs each week. OH users can vote for more than one nominee but cannot vote for the same nominee more than once. Every week, data from the three categories will be gathered and weighted accordingly. The artists with the 10 highest scores will make it onto the chart. If an artist wins a triple crown, their results will not be recorded in future charts.


YG superstar G-Dragon finally ascended to the top of the OH! Chart after weeks of podium finishes. G-Dragon recorded 17.49 points overall for “Untitled, 2014”. Talented girl group Mamamoo capped off their OH! Chart debut in coming second place on 13.21 points. Fellow YG artists, Black Pink rounded out the top three on 11.42 points.

First-time winner G-Dragon headed the physicals category by selling 46, 201 copies. Rising boy group MONSTA X showed off their strong fan base to claim second place on 33, 368 copies. Former chart winners SEVENTEEN recorded a respectable 18, 060 copies in third, ahead of NCT 127 in fourth place on 14, 038 copies.

For the downloads, Mamamoo recorded a mammoth 188,330 hits in first place. The ladies were closely followed by Black Pink (181,883 hits) and last week’s winners Bolbbalgan4 (139,887). Meanwhile, Bolbbalgan4 easily took out the streaming category with 7,553,561 hits for “We Loved”. G-Dragon came second on 6,220,780 hits, just ahead of Bolbbalgan4’s “From The First Time You and Me” on 5,376,098 hits.

Only one vote divided the top two in the OH votes. Mamamoo won another tight tussle between girl groups against Black Pink, where they scored 72 votes to 71. Youthful boy group NCT 127’s “Cherry Bomb” shot a bomb through OH users’ hearts to claim third spot on 48 votes. SEVENTEEN polled well despite being a OH! Chart regular with 39 votes.





Top 13:

  1. G-Dragon – Untitled, 2014: (Gaon Downloads: 102,120, Gaon Streaming: 6,220,780, Hanteo: 46201, OH: 24 = Total score: 17.46)
  2. Mamamoo – Yes I Am: (Gaon Downloads: 188,330, Gaon Streaming: 3,285,162, Hanteo: 6493, OH: 72= Total score: 13.21)
  3. Black Pink – As If It’s Your Last: (Gaon Downloads: 181,883, Gaon Streaming: 2,996,521, Hanteo: 0, OH: 71= Total score: 11.42)
  4. Bolbbalgan4 – We Loved
  5. MONSTA X – Shine Forever
  6. Bolbbalgan4 -You and Me From The Start (Ruler: Master of the Mask OST Part 2)
  7. SEVENTEEN – Don’t Wanna Cry
  8. NCT 127 – Cherry Bomb
  9. Ed Sheeran – Shape of You
  10. Produce 101 (35 Boys 5 Concepts) – Never
  11. Hwang Chi Yeul – A Daily Song
  12. Produce 101 (Final) – Hands On Me
  13. PSY – New Face


Previous ranking: Third

G-Dragon’s music show winning track, “Untitled, 2014” is a soft ballad featuring a sentimental piano tune coupled with his delicate vocals. It’s the type of song you’d listen to on a cold night. Despite being different to his usual hip-hop, rap heavy music, it is still well-loved by his fans and the public. Considering G-Dragon’s strong results over the last few weeks, it is likely he will feature in more charts to come.

Can G-Dragon go back-to-back? Will the power girl groups take over? Or will the continued run of successful debutants continue? Let us know your thoughts below!


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