OH! Chart Results: Debutants surge up the OH! Chart ladder

Underdog debutants triumphed over regulars at the business end of the OH! Chart this week. It was hotly contested competition for the trophy with less than two points separating the top performers. Which debutant pulled the biggest surprise?

How the OH!Chart system works:

The chart is divided into three different categories: Gaon Streaming and Downloads (55%), Hanteo Physical Sales (25%), and OH User Voting (20%). OH users are allowed to vote and have a say in the overall chart ranks of certain songs each week. OH users can vote for more than one nominee but cannot vote for the same nominee more than once. Every week, data from the three categories will be gathered and weighted accordingly. The artists with the 10 highest scores will make it onto the chart. If an artist wins a triple crown, their results will not be recorded in future charts.


Bolbbalgan4 feat. 20 Years Of Age, Hwang Chi Yeol, G-Dragon,

Indie duo Bolbbalgan4 clinched a stunning victory on OH! Chart debut for her sweet song, “We Loved” featuring 20 Years Of Age. Bolbbalgan4 (14.10 points) scored just 0.26 points more than fellow debutant Hwang Chi Yeol (13.84 points). Wrapping up the podium was G-Dragon’s popular slow jam “Untitled, 2014” on 11.58 points. Popular boy group NCT 127 missed out on third place by a mere 1.45 points.

Ballad king Hwang Chi Yeol made up for his second overall placing by easily winning the physicals category on 101,389 copies. Fellow chart debutants NCT 127 sold a respectable 47,810 copies in second place. Veteran girl group T-ARA’s last release notched 18, 529 copies.

Bolbbalgan4’s “We Loved” continued its impressive form to claim the downloads category on 253,074 hits ahead of G-Dragon’s “Untitled, 2014” (166,511 hits). Star idol duo, BLOCK B’s Taeil and Gugudan’s Sejeong’s “Loves Me or Not” recorded 100,223 hits in third place. For the streaming category, G-Dragon took first prize honours on 7,406,802 hits. Bolbbalgan recorded 6,252,689 hits in second place ahead of Produce 101’s “Never” on 4,735,325 hits.

SM Entertainment’s NCT 127 proved their fanbase on OH is no joke by winning 48 votes. Former winners and last week’s runners up SEVENTEEN came second on 30 votes. T-ARA and SISTAR tied in third place on 24 votes, which concludes their (upcoming for the former) disbandments on a high.




Top 14:

  1. Bolbbalgan4 (feat. 20 Years Of Age) – We Loved: (Gaon Downloads: 253,074, Gaon Streaming:  6,252,689, Hanteo: 0, OH: 15 = Total score: 14.10)
  2. Hwang Chi Yeol – A Daily Song: (Gaon Downloads: 0, Gaon Streaming: 0, Hanteo: 101,389, OH: 6= Total score: 13.84)
  3. G-Dragon – Untitled, 2014 (Gaon Downloads: 166,511, Gaon Streaming: 7,406,802, Hanteo: 0, OH: 19= Total score: 11.58)
  4. NCT 127 – Cherry Bomb
  5. Produce 101 – 35 Boys 5 Concepts – Never
  6. Bolbbalgan4 -You and Me From The Start (Ruler: Master of the Mask OST Part 2)
  7. SISTAR – Lonely
  8. Taeil (BLOCK B) ft. Sejeong (Gugudan) – Loves Me or Not
  9. Ed Sheeran – Shape of You
  10. G-Dragon – Bullshit
  11. PSY – New Face
  12. T-ARA – What’s My Name?
  13. SEVENTEEN – Don’t Wanna Cry
  14. iKON – Bling Bling

NO.1 SPOTLIGHT:Bolbbalgan4 (feat. 20 Years Of Age)

Previous ranking: N/A

Bolbbalgan4’s popularity hit new heights with this romantic and laid-back track featuring 20 Years Of Age. “We Loved” is a perfect listen during the spring season that are filled with lazy afternoons on the lawn. Given how it is an addictive song that is very relatable and easy to listen to, it should maintain its early success in the coming weeks.

Can “We Loved” garner more love and go back-to-back next week? Will Hwang Chi Yeol replicate his top physical sales into other categories to earn a winning edge? Or will the trend of slaying debutants continue? Let us know your thoughts below!


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