OH!Chart Results: Debutants challenge for crown

Five OH!Chart debutants faced off against the usual suspects in an entertaining battle. However, there were no surprises pulled in determining who took the crown this week.

How the OH!Chart system works:

The chart is divided into three different categories: Gaon Streaming and Downloads (60%), Hanteo Physical Sales (15%), and OH User Voting (25%). OH users are allowed to vote and have a say in the overall chart ranks of certain songs each week. OH users can vote for more than one nominee but cannot vote for the same nominee more than once. Every week, data from the three categories will be gathered and weighted accordingly. The artists with the 10 highest scores will make it onto the chart. If an artist wins a triple crown, their results will not be recorded in future charts.


Dominant idol group TWICE pushed their way to recording back-to-back wins in the OH!Chart for “Likey” on 15.49 points. R’n’B trio Urban Zakapa made a successful début by finishing second for their latest track, “When We Were Two” with 11.44 points. Popular boy group Seventeen’s comeback track “Clap” came third by a whisker on 11.40 points.

Seventeen proved their strong fanbase by winning the physicals category with a whopping 214,002 copies. K-pop veterans Super Junior sold a solid 124,903 copies in second place. TWICE dropped off from last week’s triple figures to come third with a total of 21,324 copies.

Urban Zakapa easily took out the downloads category on 187,858 hits. TWICE placed second on 111,628 hits. Vocal duo Melomance’s “Gift” notched 94,359 hits to come third. The ballad singers also won the streaming by recording an unrivaled 7,935,988 hits. EPIK HIGH’s smash hit “Love Story” featuring IU came second with 6,320,129 hits. TWICE rounded out the top three on 6,269,871 hits.

Back-to-back winners TWICE garnered the most love from OH users once again by notching 61 votes. Seventeen came second on 30 votes, just one ahead of fellow idol group EXID in third place (29 votes).

Top 14:

  1. TWICE – Likey: (Gaon Downloads: 111,628, Gaon Streaming: 6,269,871, Hanteo: 21,324, OH: 61 = Total score: 15.49 points)
  2. Urban Zakapa  – When We Were Two: (Gaon Downloads:187,858, Gaon Streaming: 4,930,826, Hanteo:0, OH:3= Total score: 11.44 points)
  3. Seventeen – Clap: (Gaon Downloads:0, Gaon Streaming: 0, Hanteo: 214002, OH: 30 = Total score: 11.40 points)
  4. EXID – DDD
  5. Melomance – Gift
  6. Super Junior – Black Suit
  7. EPIK HIGH ft. IU – Love Story
  8. BTOB – Missing You
  9. Bolbbalgan4 – Some
  10. EPIK HIGH ft. Oh Hyuk – Home Is Far Away
  11. Yoon Jong Shin – Like It
  12. Lim Chang Jung – Do You Know That Person
  13. JBJ – Fantasy
  14. N’UEST W – Where You At


Previous ranking: First

As one of the leading idol groups, TWICE has continued their triumphant comeback period with another OH!Chart win. While their numbers this week are not as high compared to the previous, they still are a notch higher than their rivals. “Likey” is a bop that grows on you and sticks in your ears. The signature, catchy tune is likeable and memorable so it is no surprise that it is doing well on multiple charts.

Will TWICE achieve their second triple crown? Can newbies continue to push for winning positions? Or will another idol group take control? Let us know your thoughts below!

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