OH!Chart Results – Triple crown winner returns

One of the top performing artists in OH!Chart history made a triumphant return to the competition. With just four new nominees, the regulars were battling to hold their spots on the chart.

How the OH!Chart system works:

The chart is divided into three different categories: Gaon Streaming and Downloads (60%), Hanteo Physical Sales (15%), and OH User Voting (25%). OH users are allowed to vote and have a say in the overall chart ranks of certain songs each week. OH users can vote for more than one nominee but cannot vote for the same nominee more than once. Every week, data from the three categories will be gathered and weighted accordingly. The artists with the 10 highest scores will make it onto the chart. If an artist wins a triple crown, their results will not be recorded in future charts.

*This week’s results excludes the recording of OH User Voting, as votes were not gathered in respect of the passing of late SHINee member, Kim Jonghyun.


Cult girl group Twice reginited their blistering form on the OH!Chart with a first place finish for their latest track, “Heart Shaker” on 18.61 points. SM Entertainment’s resident female vocalist, Taeyeon came second with her new holiday ballad, “This Christmas” on 13.22 points. Last week’s winner Zion T rounded out the top three for his latest number, “Snow” featuring Lee Moon Sae with 8.12 points.

Twice dominated the physicals category after they sold 49,250 copies. Popular boy group GOT7 took out second place with 37,010 copies. Taeyeon came third with 34,832 copies.

In the downloads category, Twice notched 217,433 hits to win first place. Taeyeon performed strongly to claim second place on 142,778 hits. Zion T continued his steady downloads record with a third place finish on 88,020 hits. Meanwhile, Naul won the streaming category for the second-straight week with “Emptiness in Memory” on 5,699,147 hits. Ballad duo Melomance took out second place with 5,529,161 hits. Twice finished in third place on 5,386,835 hits.

Each nominee received one automatic vote in the OH! category, despite votes not being recorded in respect of the OH! community.


Top 14:

  1. Twice – Heart Shaker: (Gaon Downloads: 217,433, Gaon Streaming: 5,386,835, Hanteo: 49,250, OH: 1= Total score: 18.61 points)
  2. Taeyeon – This Christmas: (Gaon Downloads: 142,778, Gaon Streaming: 3,762,338, Hanteo: 34,832, OH:1 = Total score: 13.22 points)
  3. Zion T ft. Lee Moon Sae – Snow: (Gaon Downloads: 88,020, Gaon Streaming: 5,195,438, Hanteo: 0, OH: 1 = Total score: 8.12 points)
  4. Naul – Emptiness in Memory
  5. Melomance – Gift
  6. Park Myung Soo – Dear My Fool
  7. Minseo, Yoon Jong Shin – Yes
  8. Wanna One – Beautiful
  9. Red Velvet – Peek-A-Boo
  10. ZIA – Dear My Fool
  11. Punch – At Night
  12. GOT7 – You Are
  13. Taemin – Day And Night
  14. Seventeen – Clap



Previous ranking: Not applicable

JYP Entertainment’s resident girl group Twice has made an epic comeback with “Heart Shaker”. The track is filled with sweet and romantic feels stemming from the visuals and vocals. It features a cheerful yet slower tune that is perfect for a listen during the weekend. The choreography is bright and energetic; similar to Twice’s previous tracks. This number is refreshing without being too repetitive and overbearing. It is likely to continue to slay the charts.

Can Twice record two-straight wins? Will a ballad take the win? Or a debutant post massive results? Let us know your thoughts below!

OH!Press' resident journo

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