Oh!Press Feature: Throwback Thursday 3

It looks like it’s that time of the week again, peeps. So feel free to wheel a little closer to your computer screen and allow me to pour you a steaming cup of nostalgia as we take a look at this week’s throwback.

This time around, we’re throwing it way back to a time where Se7en was every girl’s boyfriend, baggy jean clothing was actually ‘trendy’ and random cheesy dance breaks midway of an MV was the norm.

Oh, how time flies.

‘One More Time’ is an R&B track that displays Se7en’s velvety smooth vocals and boyish charm. Back in the early 2000’s, these types of tracks completely dominated the globe and were gobbled up like chocolate ice cream by listeners such as myself. The MV portrays Se7en romancing an ex girlfriend whom he still harbors strong feelings for. It’s clear by their constant sweet gestures towards each other that the chemistry between the two hasn’t faded in the least. Yet, even with his popping shades and perfectly conditioned brown locks, his ex has long moved on. This fact is clearly shown as a western male suddenly appears by her side to assert his dominance, leaving our poor Se7en stranded in the dreaded friend zone. The lyrics eloquently express his desperation and longing for his old flame. I’m sure we’ve all had our little moments with a certain someone where we ponder the annoying, gnawing thought of ‘let’s just give this another go.’ No matter how much we try to fight it off with a rusty carving knife, those same old feelings just keep flooding back into our hearts. Gah! Damn the feels!

At any rate, you don’t have to be a Se7en fan to enjoy this throwback. I’ve listened to this song on repeat for an ungodly amount of time because eargasm. Also, no matter how corny the MV is, the attractive way Se7en and his crew of macho men prance around in the middle of the street hitting the choreo step for step will never get old for me.

Macho men+street dancing= instant classic. :p

It's too late for me. Save yourself.

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