Oh!Press Feature: Throwback Thursday 4

Thirsty? Well my darlings, get your teacups ready and allow mama Swegg to quench your thirst with a healthy serving of nostalgia.

It’s throwback time, baby.

Ladies, you might want to clutch a little tighter to the throbbing arm of your main man candy because this sexy little vixen can and will rob you blind of his affections in a matter of ten minutes. Flat.


Oh God, I confess. I’m a no good junkie and this song is my crack.

“10 Minutes” is a R&B, pop mutation where Hyori charmingly coos about how easy it is to seduce a man away from his woman in a ten-minute interval. From stunning angelic facial structure right down to her banging sun-kissed body, I’m totally, absolutely, freaking 100% convinced Lee Hyori is more than capable of making a man reconsider his romantic options.  Back in 2003, Hyori was fresh into her solo career and already lighting a blazing trail behind her trotting feet. Bro, what I preach is no flipping joke. In that particular time period, she was unstoppable.

Now, even though many strongly question her singing abilities, in this track, Hyori is able to pull off a soothingly sweet sound with her honey vocals, lyric after lyric. The R&B influenced melody of this song becomes gradually more hypnotic with every listen. The MV is pretty much just Hyori parading her slender curves around town as the neighborhood B-boys ride up to her on their sweg bikes, drool and all. With the alluring way Hyori powerhouses through the basic choreo like the diva she is, it’s almost invigorating enough for to chew off your own fingers in anticipation for more.

I literally violated the replay button on my iPod the very first time I heard this song and I can’t even begin to explain in legible words how many times I looped the MV. I kid you not.

One may say that I’m over exaggerating, but seriously, Kpop fans, if you don’t already know Queen Hyori , I strongly suggest you open your hearts and allow her to musically devour your soul.


Trust me, you won’t regret it.

It's too late for me. Save yourself.

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