OH!Press Feature: Throwback Thursday 5

Wind back the clock to a moment where you had unfinished business on OH!Press’ Throwback Thursday.

Ballad king Park Hyo Shin announced he would be releasing his long-overdue album this year, so here is a friendly reminder of what to expect.

One of Hyo Shin’s most popular hits was “해줄 수 없는 일(Things I can’t do for you)”, a song from his debut album, released in 1999.

Seventeen years on, the song still holds its relevance to modern relationships.

“Things I can’t do for you” is one of those classic, heart-wrenching ballads best suited for listens during peoples’ loneliest hour. The MV looks like a dated, old school karaoke video, as it was filmed before the new millennium. Nevertheless, it tells a compelling story of Hyo Shin flashing back to the times he and his lover were together. The way he is dressed and the long hairdo screams the 90’s. His singing expressions are on point, with smart hand gestures and closed eyes that show how much pain he feels. Probably the only downside of the MV would be how creepy the female lead looks; it would not be a stretch to say she resembled a ghost.

Hyo Shin has always been known for his great vocals. Even at debut, his voice had strong support and resonance. However, over the years, he went through some changes in his voice and technically for the better. In “Things I can’t do for you”, Hyo Shin’s timbre sounded thicker and deeper. But from about 2012 onwards, it became lighter and more balanced which made him extend his range like the infamous high note in “Wild Flower”. Below, is a performance of “Things I can’t do for you” from 2014 which sounds slightly different but equally beautiful as the original.

Stay tuned for the next installment of OH!Press’ Throwback Thursdays!

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