OH!Press Feature: Throwback Thursday 6

Wind back the clock to the wonder days of Taiwanese dramas with veteran idol trailblazer TANK.

TANK was one of C-pop’s biggest artists during the mid to late 2000’s. His sweet and addictive voice was his trademark. Known for singing various idol drama OST’s, TANK is worthy of being the spotlight of this installment of Throwback Thursdays.

One of TANK’s greatest hits is “專屬天使 (Personal Angel)”, which was the main theme song of Wu Chun and Ella Chen’s iconic 2006 drama, Hana Kimi. It has been years since TANK’s last release because of his ongoing heart condition, so this is a chance to reminisce or have a taste of his music.

The music video mainly features a few golden couple scenes and TANK playing the piano. In the beginning, two students entangle their hands together. Wu Chun and Ella’s cute romance starts with classic confrontations between the two. Wu Chun is the too-cool-for-school hottie and Ella is the adorable cross-dresser. When TANK is not brooding at us with his deep gaze and serenading, he is the couple’s on-looker. Ella intercepts once in a while with her narration about her struggles to convey her feelings. The ending is the highlight of the MV where the two reunite after Ella’s short absence. Wu Chun found her sneaker, decorated it with a cute drawing of her, and gifted it to her. He sweetly pulls her chin towards him but she jumps up and gives him a peck. It is innocent love at its finest and cheesiest.

Song-wise, “Personal Angel” is a simple ballad with relatable lyrics. TANK’s vocals are not the strongest out there but his honeyed tone is very easy on the ears. The sincerity in the way he delivers his lines is also felt. Due to the simplicity of the song, it is one that sounds better and has a bigger impact on a listener who has watched the drama before. For first-timers who end up liking “Personal Angel”, I recommend watching the drama because the song will be more meaningful afterwards. Do yourselves a favour and embrace all the feels from this brilliant track by TANK.

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