OH!Press Feature: Wonderfuls’ Tribute to the Wonder Girls

A DECADE ago, a group of five fresh and talented girls rocked onto a K-pop scene, which was in transition to the next generation of leading idols.

They are the Wonder Girls – JYP Entertainment’s first girl group. The group debuted with “Irony” in 2007. A year later, they skyrocketed to the top of the K-pop tree with their global hit, “Nobody”. However, this success came with its fair share of difficulties. Over the years, the group faced member changes, struggles in a foreign country, hiatuses and uncertainty. Following years of fighting through the hard yards, the current line-up of Yeeun, Yubin, Lim and Sunmi have decided to part ways and to create their own legacy.

Disbandment proved to be inevitable but it is not the end of the Wonder Girls. The final quartet, as well as former leader Sunye, pin-up girl Sohee and original rapper and dancing machine Hyuna, will still be around for Wonderfuls’ to keep tabs on. Who knows? Duets, collaborations or anniversary concerts may be on the horizon. But until then, let’s pay tribute to some of the best Wonder Girls’ songs and performances that fans would never forget.

Top 7 tracks by the Wonder Girls


*Bonus: Wonder Girls’ Thanks To Wonderfuls


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    You will be missed, Wonder Girls