OHvision Song Contest 2017: Grande Finale (European)

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An impressive turnout of 44 artists represented their countries, battling it out in the OHvision Song Contest 2017. 20 of them slipped past the initial semi-final eliminations. But now, only 1 of the most outstanding artists stand a chance to win. Sit back and relax as Sansa, Wasta, Sakura, Sapphic, Alisonn, and I introduce the remaining 20 Grand Finalists of OHvision 2017!

For your convenience, this will be divided into European and non-European countries. We’ll be going through the European countries in this one first, so remember to head over here for the non-European entries. And then come on over to OneHallyu for the Grande Finale! Voting ends June 11th, 11pm UK timezone.

ALBANIA: Kida – Ski ide

The combination of Kosovo-born pop singer Kida’s husky vocals and repetitive, bass-heavy instrumentals with reggaeton influences in “Ski ide” will make you want to dance along. A dance track that could very easily fit into clubs everywhere, regardless of language. (Mogwai)


BELGIUM: Stromae – “quand c’est ?”

“Quand c’est?” is Belgian musician Stromae’s seventh release from the highly acclaimed album Racine carrée, stylised as . Stromae cleverly layers elements of synthpop, hip-hop, and house music into his heavy interpretation of the devastation and ubiquity of cancer. The title itself (which roughly means ‘when is it?’) is a homophone for the disease. (Mogwai)


ESTONIA: Kerli Koiv – “Walking On Air”

Singer-songwriter Kerli Koiv made her debut with electronic/synthpop track “Walking On Air,” with lyrics that are heavily influenced by her own childhood struggles. Known as the most downloaded ‘Free Single of the Week’ on iTunes, “Walking On Air” is highly reminiscent of music by Björk and Imogen Heap. (Mogwai)


FINLAND: Studio Killers – “Jenny”

“Jenny” mixes sounds of accordions and steel drums at first, leaving us with a vibe perfect for the summer. Combined with a steady beat and interesting vocals, it makes for an overall stimulating song. Very little seems to be known about this group, as the visuals themselves are fictionalised characters (similar to Gorillaz) and the people behind them are not known. The group overall is made up of members from United Kingdom, Finland, and Denmark, and most of their music-making is done via email. (Sapphic)


FRANCE: Kendji Girac – “Andalouse”

Winner of the French version of The Voice’s third season, singer Kendji Girac released “Andalouse” in 2014, from his chart-topping, self-titled debut album, Kendji. This dance-pop number is the sort of music that calls for multiple club remixes. An instant nightlife anthem. (Mogwai)


GERMANY: Alice Merton –  “No Roots”

Alice Merton employs the usual indie sound that I have heard from singers like Oh Land and Kimbra, which means she delivers a mesmerizing vocal performance. “No Roots” is a wonderful blend of meaningful lyrics and an upbeat instrumental. (sansa)



An infusion of genres, including (yet not limited to) pop-rock and disco, “Blue” is one of those deceptively happy songs. Singer-songwriter Marina and the Diamonds declares, ‘I don’t wanna feel blue anymore,’ as she calls for her lover to return for ‘one more night,’ for that fleeting moment of euphoria. (Mogwai)


IRELAND: Kodaline – “All I Want”

Up next is a rather melancholy track from the Irish band Kodaline. Recorded in 2012, but officially released in 2014, this song takes the listener on a rollercoaster of guitar strumming and stripped-down vocals in a rock-ballad that is both dynamic and full of angst. It’s the type of song Travis Wall would choreograph a contemporary routine to on SYTYCD and get a standing ovation from all the judges for. (Wasta)


NETHERLANDS: Mr. Probz – “Nothing Really Matters”

Dutch actor and musician Mr. Probz, known alternatively by his real name Dennis Princewell Stehr, is the singer of this contemplative 2014 ballad. A simple piano instrumental and the soft swell of string instruments in the chorus makes Mr. Probz’s vocals the obvious focus of this song. (Wasta)


NORWAY: Madcon – “Don’t Worry “

An addictive repetitive hook chorus is the backbone of this 2015 dance-pop track by the Norwegian duo Madcon. The song blends bright vocals, a standard rap bridge, and brass instruments in a somewhat predictable but totally catchy track that is just feel-good and fun. From the title, “Don’t Worry,” that’s really no surprise. (Wasta)

UK: Mis-Teeq – “Scandalous”

This song uses the baseline R’n’B/hip-hop instrumental that many hits of the early 2000s had. It is a perfect dose of nostalgia and anyone who was familiar with girl groups like Destiny’s Child and TLC will greatly appreciate this wonderful song. (sansa)

But that’s not all!

Click through here to check out the remaining non-European artists (the likes of Australia, Canada, China, Ghana, Indonesia, Kurdistan, Lebanon, Malaysia, as well as Singapore) no less worthy than their European counterparts.


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