OHvision Song Contest 2017: Grande Finale (Non-European)

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Previously, we’ve gone through the 11 incredible European contestants of the OHvision Song Contest 2017. But there are also gems aplenty in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and the Oceania. Now, let’s take a look at the rest of the no less incredible 9 OHvision hopefuls from beyond Europe.

Here are the European representatives if you’d like a refresher. Once you’re done, remember to log on to OneHallyu for the Grande Finale! Voting ends June 11th, 11pm UK timezone.

AUSTRALIA: Flume ft Tove Lo -“Say It”

In a collaboration with Swedish singer Tove Love, Flume utilizes the Western popularity of electronic music in a slow and sensual track. Electronic synths and drums accompany Tove Love’s vocals in a both mesmerising and addictive nature. Its melody is one that you’ll have on repeat before you know it. (Alisonn)


CANADA: Leonard Cohen – “Hallelujah”

First to note is Leonard Cohen’s soothing, incredibly deep voice. There’s a reason why he was vastly respected, and that’s because his voice and emotions are wonderfully tied. There’s a true feeling to what he’s showing us and it’s wonderful to listen to. He plays out softly on his guitar, building up to the chorus of “Hallelujah” that then fades out back to almost nothing. The version we all know and love from the “Shrek” soundtrack pales in comparison when you hear the original: unpolished, emotional, and provoking of thoughts and emotions. (Sapphic)


CHINA: Na Ying –  “mo”

Released as an official soundtrack for the movie adaptation of Gu Man’s Silent Separation, “Mo” (Silent) is a great depiction of the sorrow, depth and emotions, so expertly delivered in Chinese ballads. Its light piano accompaniment is intertwined with Na Ying’s mellow voice, expressing a solitude like no other. It’s a song that perfectly complements the movie to portray the desperation and loneliness of the separated pair. (Alisonn)


Ghana: Fuse ODG – “Azonto”

This is a pop beat that uses the style that many artists in Africa (and not just Ghana) have employed for several years – the drum instrumental in particular is very African. Fuse ODG gives the charming African rap vibe, while colleague Tiffany emulates a style very similar to American rapper, Nicki Minaj. (Sansa)


INDONESIA: Gita Gutawa – “Hingga Akhir Waktu”

Probably one of the most relaxing ballads I’ve heard that doesn’t feel entirely sad. It feels like a soundtrack for a movie. I think Gita has very soothing vocals that pairs well with the piano and violin. Her long notes are amazing as well. She seems to be quite popular since a duet before her debut sold 800k copies and her debut album sold 150k in 4 months. (Sakura)


KURDISTAN: Burhan G – “Tættere på himlen”

Released in 2010, “Tættere på himlen” is Danish pop singer/songwriter Burhan G’s second hit in his home country. It’s a slow build-up of sensual vocals and rapping by featured artists Nik & Jay, interwoven with mellifluous synths as well as a smooth bassline. (Mogwai)


LEBANON: Mashrou Leila –  “3 Minutes”

Alternative rock band Mashrou Leila has a reputation of crafting rock music with lyrics that are heavily imbued with social commentary and literary references. “3 Minutes” is no different, with thought-provoking lines such as ‘the difference between freedom and submission is agency.’ Of course, ironically, the song isn’t 3 minutes long. Of course. (Mogwai)


MALAYSIA:  Namewee ft. Wang Lee Hom – ” Stranger in the north”

Namewee (whose stage name is a play on his Chinese name 黃明志 – Huáng(Wee in Hainanese) Míng Zhì, which sounds similar to 名字 – míngzi meaning name) partners with Taiwanese singer Wang Lee Hom, in a hip hop ballad that showcases both of their talents and diversity. In the masterful interweaving of rapping and singing, the beautiful lyrics deliver the allegory of a migrant worker who has chosen Beijing as his final destination. Not only is the song easy to relate to for most of the Chinese population, it can also be seen as a reflection of the singer’s own situation. (Alisonn)


SINGAPORE : Gentle Bones- “Settle Down”

“Settle Down” is a heartfelt pop song with a touch of ballad and folk. Just as the stage name says, Joel Tan has soft yet amazing vocals with beautiful high notes. In this particular song, it really felt like a song Ed Sheeran would do. The instrumental includes the guitar and violin which tie into the sad story of the music video. (Sakura)

Who will make it into the OHvision Song Contest Grande Finale? Who will bring glory to their country? Will it be any of the 11 European representatives? Will an Asian, African, Oceanic, or Middle Eastern representative snatch the coveted prize? Or will defending champion Malaysia emerge victorious once again? Stay tuned for the Grande Finale here on OneHallyu! Voting ends June 11th, 11pm UK timezone.

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