Why OneHallyu Blog Has Officially Disassociated with OneHallyu (ft. God Ok Taecyeon)

I was taking a casual stroll through OneHallyu’s forums the other day and something of such dire urgency cropped up.  It is exactly the reason, this blog, along with other less important issues that have arisen between the two parties of OneHallyu and OneHallyu Blog, that we have officially announced our split from the afore mentioned community.  And the exact reason is because the majority of OneHallyu users are the spawn of Satan.  Only someone so close and grounded to the devil himself, would look past the beauty and magnificence that is Ok Taecyeon and not fall in love.  Whether you’re straight or LGBTQ, even if your interest does not lie in divine male specimens, Ok Taecyeon should be an exception to every rule ever made.  God knows why he decided to enlist, because his divinity should have exempted him from it all.

Ok Taecyeon ( 옥택연), graced the earth with his body, his extraordinary exterior and humble, yet so admirable personality on the 27th of December 1988.  His brains, would have been enough to grant him access to the sophistication of America’s Ivy Leagues, but I guess since he chose the route of stardom, to grant us lesser beings with the knowledge of his superior existence, he settled for Korea University.   

Just imagine being able to study with him.

The term chocolate abs was invented just to describe the creamy deliciousness of his abdomen.  Just one look and one is tempted to bite their screen.

Him, featuring the other members of 2PM.


Just one more, because ovaries are for peasants.


Year and year again, he’s chosen as the endorsement model for athletic brands, formal mens wear and expensive import cars.  Below I present you with the double deliciousness of Taecyeon and Nichkhun.


What’s most important is that he shows you an idol rapper, is more than just a successful CEO, based on just characters he wanted to draw, an accomplished actor and a support pillar for an acrobatic group, but he’s also a very talented composer.  Have you heard Promise?  It’s not often idols are allowed to write their own title tracks.


Not to mention he’s not all looks, brain, sophistication and perfection, but he’s down to earth, easy to relate to and enjoys the occasional trolls.  He’s the perfect mixture between sexy, cute and amazement.



So now that I’ve given you reasons as to why you should stan this exceptional human being, which I also told my team mates, there needs to be no more questions as to why OneHallyu has become the forum that shall no longer be mentioned here.  I have provided the reasons, in which we have decided to disassociate ourselves from OneHallyu, the forum full of devil spawn, who doesn’t appreciate this male incarnation of god enough.  And unless OneHallyu comes to their senses soon, we shall continue as a successful entity blessed by Ok Taecyeon, on our own.  When a man is this hot with and without a suit, who needs anything else?  EXO who?  BTS who?  Big Bang Who?  It’s Ok Taecyeon and 2PM!



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  • BasedChungha

    I almost bite his chocolate abs 😮

  • Yes.

  • Rinne

    I’m saving those gifs

  • YES!!!!!!!

  • stell

    Yess to everything whole-heartedly! This male specimen carved from Zeus himself is stan worthy!! He is tall, dark and handsome! He’s from Boston! He’s from Busan! He is Ok Taecyeon! Ok Taecyeon!