O.P.P.A. #4

O.P.P.A. #4

What Asian drama plot you would like to see become a reality?


The Rooftop Prince. This drama has everything. Cheesy one liners, super sweet moments, Yoochun who is no longer a Micky, natural beauty lover who doesn’t look like a Gangnam Unnie, twisted plot, crazy storyline, and also an ending of ultimate despair. Oooh oh let’s not forget ALi’s iconic soundtrack playing in the background too. It’s more of a fiction than a fact but to think that an emperor of a dynasty travels across the time in search of a truth behind his beloved woman’s suspicious death, just damn.


Oh My Venus. It is still very early on for this series, but I can tell you that I definitely like where it’s headed.  Shin Min Ah’s character, Kang Joo Eun, is a former beauty (and personally, I think she looks just fine with a few extra pounds) who gained a little more of herself over the years, until she meets Kim Young Ho, played by So Ji Sub, and starts to take control of her life, working to become a better (and slimmer) Kang Joo Eun.

I don’t think that the weight loss is really where the magic is (and it is magic, because she just sheds weight off of her face in a jiffy and looks gorgeous in no-time. Drama magic), but the fact that this lawyer hits the jackpot meeting Young Ho. He is a chaebol, of course, who is also a world-class trainer who has worked with celebrities in the USA. He works and lives with two guys, an MMA fighter played by Sung Hoon, and his manager, played by Henry Lau. If it’s not enough that Young Ho’s housemates are gorgeous, Joo Eun moves in with the three early on in the series as she trains. Oh, and she is currently creeping into Young Ho’s heart, of course.

Why isn’t my life like this? I know what my 11:11 wish is going to be tonight.


My favorite Korean drama of the year was Show Me The Money 4. With the superb acting and production, it makes it a pleasure for the viewers to enjoy. With it, you get a dramatic turnover of a problematic kid, and hard-fought victory from the young father who once dropped his dream for a job. I don’t know what more can you ask from it. On the flip side, it feels too unrealistic to me, too much for it to become a reality. Or was it?

Talking about unrealistic, I want to touch on another drama I thoroughly enjoyed this year, Oh My Ghostess. I can go on and on about Park Bo Young’s superb acting or her crazy cuteness and her adorable smile and her akjfhkjashdkjasf omg I love her so much.

Besides the possibility of a charming perverted ghost-chan is out there looking out for me, the premise of the drama gives a pretty interesting take on the world. relating many of the mishaps, unhappenings to the doing of evil spirits and bad ghosts. This is a horrible world-building going wrong! So many inconsistencies, more questions to be asked with more details being revealed!

However, the storyline makes up for it with one of the most heart-wrenching loveline I have ever seen in drama. When the protagonist loves, and realizes that he has been loving two people at the same time. The two girls residing in a single body, yet so very different, with the only thing they share is a love to a single man. It touches on a very human and sensitive subject, that love is not black and white; if you love one doesn’t mean you cannot get attracted to another. The beautiful friendship between the two girls, who overcome their worldly barrier to support and grow together, is just the final touch to it, to make the best-portrayed love triangle I have gotten to see on dramas or movies.


The Girl Who Sees Smells/Sensory Couple. How differently would you experience the world if you’re born without one of your senses but have a significant advantage somehow? Or maybe have a completely different sense altogether?!

While I would not want to be a victim of the “Barcode” murder case like Oh Cho Rim and and Choi Moo Gak, it would be really interesting to experience the world in a different way. For instance, Moo Gak lost his sense of feeling. He can’t feel hungry , but he can’t feel pain either. Can you imagine the advantage of not feeling tired at all from hours of physical exercise?

Then we have Cho Rim who has the ability to see smells. I repeat. See smells. Can you visualize that? Of course not. I’ll fry my brain if I continue pondering about it. It would be an absolute nightmare if the drama became a reality, especially if everyone had their senses changed overnight.

What if everyone was born with it though? Better yet, what if everyone’s 5 senses were unique? Life as we know it would be different. For better or for worse? Who knows? I guess I’m too curious for my own good to even want this plot to be reality.


Healer. Mysterious, undercover gurus with black shades that have an aquatic view inside their home are pretty rare in the real world; unless you are Ji Chang Wook. Healer was a journalist and Park Min Young’s little puppy by day and a self-employed professional messenger by night. It would be so cool to have a badass like Healer around to hunt down criminals that the Police can’t catch. Or when you’re flirting with danger and Healer comes to be your knight in shining armour. Park Min Young’s Chae Young Shin is an awesome character too – a tough cookie who wants to become a top-shot journalist. She also has the amazing Healer around her fingers. If Healer became a reality, life would be way more exhilarating than working 9 to 5 and watching dramas till 3 in the morning.


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