O.P.P.A. #5

O.P.P.A. #5

What would some of our favorite idols be doing if they weren’t stars?


For 2PM’s Junho, he seems like the type to pursue something he is truly passionate about. If he weren’t an idol, he could become a composer or lyricist. He is constantly working on new compositions, no matter where he is. So, he could work as a music lecturer and also compose songs for idols as a freelancer. But if Junho were to have an occupation unrelated to music, he could be an athlete or a football player.


If Super Junior Eunhyuk wasn’t an idol, he would be a dance choreographer, an entrepreneur and probably many more. I feel that he is super talented, in terms of composing his own songs and dance steps. Also, he has always been contributing to the group in any way if possible for example, he is there to give constructive feedbacks during concert meetings. Along with Donghae, he would have probably become a football player since he seems to have a passion for it and he has actually proven his skills on a friendly match against China last year. Eunhyuk is also keen on trying on new things & hopefully when he is out from the army, we’re able to see different sides of him soon!


If FIESTAR’s Yezi wasn’t an idol, she’d definitely make a fantastic cut throat solo rapper, spitting straight flames of fiya in the faces of haters Bowser style. For a career unrelated to music, my mind paints a picture of Yazz as a spunky little kickboxer. She wields the right amount of aggressive energy and unwavering confidence that edgy sport calls for. I’d totally rent myself out to her as a personal punching bag. Trust me, my life would be complete.


Yunho always says his dream before becoming an idol was to become a prosecutor (following his father into law), and I could definitely see him doing that considering he’s the kind of person who, once he sets his mind on something, will do all he can to achieve it. He’s also well-spoken, thoughtful, articulate and has a strong sense of morality and justice which would suit a prosecutor very well!

All that said, he’s such a prominent and well-rounded example of an idol that it’s very hard for me to imagine him doing anything outside of the music industry, and when his idol career begins to draw to a close I fully expect him to move into work such as choreography and music/stage production.


Rising rookie actor Park Bogum has a number of little known talents that would have allowed him to pursue careers outside of acting, which actually was not his first choice of a job. Bogum’s dream was initially to become a singer, so he sent an audition tape of him singing and playing the piano to entertainment companies when he was still in high school and was casted. He enjoyed singing and dancing but had no intentions on becoming an actor until his company seniors suggested that he would suit it better. Bogum has proved this to be true, but he still maintains his proficiency with the piano and can hold a decent tune while singing as well.

Additionally, Bogum has expressed interest in being a composer in the past. So while still a part of the entertainment industry, he could have worked behind the scenes to help write music instead. Park Bogum’s passion for music thus very nearly caused him to choose a different career path and hide his top notch visuals and talent for acting from the audiences that know and love him today.

We’re curious! What do you think your favorite idols would be doing if they weren’t stars? Let us know in the comments!


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