The Power of THREE! : How three 3-membered sub-units painted their own different color

K-Pop groups sometimes are basically devoted to just a certain concept. For example, April mainly do youthful concepts and Nine Muses mainly go for sexy concepts. In order to show a different side of the members as artists and as music icons, K-Pop companies debut “sub-units” of these groups to show an entirely new image of certain chosen members. Sub-units vary in number, however there is a certain charm to members consisting three members! Let us discuss how these three 3-membered sub-units painted their own color!


Girls Generation‘s sub-unit…


First up, we have the three enchanting ladies of Girls Generation TaeTiSeo! The sub-unit composes of TaeyeonTifanny, and Seohyun. They debuted in 2012 with the hit song “Twinkle”. TaeTiSeo (or sometimes called TTS) shows a more vocally-powerful side of Girls Generation. With the three members being three of the best singers in the group, they are meant to perform songs with a much more difficult range. As Girls Generation as nine is more based on performance, TTS proves that the group is vocally equipped as well! Their latest song is Dear Santa, which was released last 2015 as a special Christmas song. The girls recently came back as Girls Generation with “Holiday” and celebrated their 10th anniversary as well.



After School‘s sub-unit….


Orange Caramel is the sub-unit of the elusive currently five-membered girl group, After School. The quirky sub-unit consists of RainaNana, and Lizzy. In 2010, the girls made a unique but successful debut with “Magic Girl”, a very energetic and cute song! With continuous releases as Orange Caramel, they became successful and now has sold five million digital singles! Compared to the original group, Orange Caramel is a very new and different side. Just like the name suggests, Orange Caramel is not your usual sub-unit. As After School usually does mature and sexy concepts like “Flashback”, “First Love”, and “Because of You”, Orange Caramel is a breath of different air as they do peculiar but satisfying concepts. Currently, Orange Caramel and After School are focusing on individual careers. Orange Caramel’s latest comeback is with “My Copycat”,  a song released three years ago, while After School’s latest comeback is with “First Love”, a song released four years ago. Hopefully, we hear from them soon!



INFINITE‘s sub-unit…


Above, we have mentioned two girl group sub-units. Let’s now head to our only male group, shall we? Delivering a very different version of INFINITE, are the boys of INFINITE F! The sub-unit composes of INFINITE’s youngest members, Sungyeol as the group’s leader, as the group’s main vocalist, and Sungjong as the group’s maknae. According to the group’s leader, the F of INFINITE F actually meant ‘face’ symbolizing that they are INFINITE’s visuals, however he said that it can be changed from time to time. The other meanings of F can be possibly ‘fresh’ for they are the youngest members or ‘fun’ for they are energetic and playful as well. They debuted in 2014 with the youthful and fun track titled “Heartthrob”. Prior to their debut, the song was actually used as an OST for KBS drama ‘High School Love On’ which starred Sungyeol and co-INFINITE member Woohyun.

Unlike INFINITE’s “obsessive-idol” (meaning they are always longing for someone in their songs) image, INFINITE F’s is different for they are innocent boys experiencing first love! If the original group’s color is black, then the sub-unit’s is definitely white or light blue. INFINITE F is a very youthful and light sub-unit, which is contrasting from the original group’s manly and dark concepts. They only had their debut and are yet to come back. As for INFINITE, they had been reported to come back for the first time as OT6 after Hoya left. See you soon, boys!


The power of three is indeed undeniable! Three times the members, three times the charms! Which other three membered sub-units comes to your mind? Which sub-unit from above do you like the most? Don’t forget to drop your comments down below!

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