Produce 101 or Produce Only 1?

According to Wikipedia (of course what else),

Produce 101 (Hangul: 프로듀스 101, stylized as PRODUCE 101) is a 2016 reality girl group survival show on Mnet. It is a large-scale project in which the public “produces” a unit girl group by choosing members from a pool of 101 trainees from 46 entertainment companies as well as the group’s concept, debut song, and group name.”

But according to Rinnepedia (it had to be done),

“Produce 101 is a hot mess show where you put 101 trainees all from different backgrounds and styles, and see who can be the mean girls, the main bitches, the sidekicks, the potteries and ornaments which serve no purpose, and of course those 11 lucky and popular trainees, to debut in a group and promote for a year duration.”

So this time around, me (Rinne) and Eaze will discuss about the show’s progress, its significance, the pros and cons, and else.

They have the right people, the right resources, and the right channels (pun not intended) to debut the chosen 11.

Your initial thoughts on Produce 101?

Rinne: I was sceptic. I thought it was a big mistake made by MNET, and I wasn’t the only one who thought of the same thing. Why? Dude, there are 101 trainees who are participating in the show and there’s a huge chance that the show will be a hot ass mess, bias, rigged, cringe-worthy, and most of all, BRUTAL! It’s like watching Gladiator all over again. Except that this time, there’s 101 cute girls with shorts and stockings, to fetishist delight.

Thumbs up people ~

Eaze: Mixed opinions were abound when the concept of the show was first unveiled to the public. The sheer number of girls participating for the show brought a lot of attention. 101 of them to duke it out in various missions and only 11 will survive? Damn. I wonder how the eventually eliminated girls feel. I do feel that the show is a brilliant idea though, to give trainees a kick-start in stardom before debuting for real.

Who is(are) your favorite participant(s)?

Rinne: Well at first, I had my eyes on Somi, Cathy, Chaeyeon, and Dani but now I am more on King Kim Sejeong squadshit. It makes me much happier that the quartet might end up in the final group lineup if current trends continue until the end of the show.

Somi is adorable and a pretty good dancer and performer for a girl of her age. Cathy possess a strong character, a good rapper, and the supposedly the mean girl of the show. Chaeyeon is a center and visual materials, very pretty and eye-catching. Dani is on the other hand, I just want her to debut a.s.a.p and she has been a trainee for a long time, plus she really looks like f(x)’s Krystal now. Kim Sejeong is the ultimate idol, she has all good factors of becoming a good idol.


Eaze: Similar to Rinne, I initially had my eyes on the four of them as well when they started revealing the 101 trainees. If we are talking about favourites however, and because of the JYP trash in me, the answer is obviously Somi.

The 15(16 in Korea) year old was one of the favourites during the previous MNET variety show, SIXTEEN. Quite a number of viewers were disappointed that she did not make it into Twice in the end, so it’s no wonder that a handful were supporting Somi from the start. She has the obvious x-factor in her and she will no doubt improve even more.

Jellyfish Entertainment’s Kim Sejeong was an unknown before the show started. The show practically unearthed a hell of a gem. Possessing a loveable attitude and personality, she has successfully captured the hearts of the viewers. A real showstopper, I look forward to her debut, whether it be with Produce 101 or her future group with her company.

Can the show actually produce the group successfully? Will the group be successful?

Rinne: Yes, frankly speaking MNET can debut the group successfully. The biggest factor for such statement is all other reality shows (in recent years) by MNET became a trend and gained much success. Show Me The Money, Superstar K, Unpretty Rapstar, and Sixteen. You name it. MNET proved that they can pull it off. They have the right people, the right resources, and the right channels (pun not intended) to debut the chosen 11. Can the group become a success? Yes, with all the hypes and noise marketing, yes they can unless MNET fuck it up like a G6. On a wishful note, I hope they give the group a good name. Like seriously K-Pop always disappoint me with this blasphemy. Eleven Elven Girls.. whooops I better not go there..

Vote for her! Name is Kim Sejeong of Jellyfish of Jellyfans

Eaze: I believe so. In fact, MNET must make the group successful. Why? The group will only be promoting for a year. Therefore, to actually count the group as a success, they have to be successful in terms of sales and popularity for that one whole year. It is honestly a risk in my opinion for the companies to let their trainees go to Produce 101 in the first place, especially companies most of us have never heard of. If they do make it, it is definitely worth the risk. Plus, with the previous variety shows MNET had previously, I’m sure the eventual Produce 101 group will be a success.

Elements of the show that you are not satisfied with? How can it be improved?

Eaze: Ah, the notorious devil editing of MNET. While it is understandable that it is hard to give all 101 girls their airtime, they still continued with their evil ways, making some girls seem bitchy and so on. It makes the show more dramatic and interesting, definitely, but the point of the show is to debut 11 girls who are good enough to debut as idols. Elimination depends on the viewers’ votes as well, which is in my honest opinion, quite unfair for the girls that were not able to get enough airtime. I can’t judge the show as of right now because it has only been 4 episodes, so hopefully they’ll eventually reveal the charms of other girls as well. If they don’t, well let’s be honest here, only those from the big companies will make it to the final 11, unless they manage to shine just like Sejeong of course.

Join us and become a Sejeong trash!

Rinne: I’m with Eaze with this one. MNET is well known for their terribad and Ivan Draco-like editing. It’s obvious, and a cheap move. They don’t have to stoop that low but the desperation for attention and drama is so obvious. It leaves bad impression on certain participants, and that could affect their chances of getting needed votes from viewers alike. Other than that, this show is quite fun to watch. Plus, certain trainees with unique personalities and upbringing like Kim Sejeong and Gi Heehyun are joys to watch. The voting system should be more fair and balance too. Those who are popular are most probably will end up in the final group lineup. Plus the judges should hold some power in determining participants’ ranking instead of giving grades only. Other than that, this show really got me going.

Produce 101 serves as a benchmark reality show which produce a girl group from a large pool of talent, and amid massive competition among participants, dramas will be created, miracles are ascended and memorable moment will be remembered. Can they really produce 101 (the group consists of 11 members but doesn’t mean that the rest of the participants won’t find success somewhere else so..) or produce only 1? Let the viewers judge and time will tell, we still have a long way to go until the show’s final broadcast in April. Happy watching and voting!

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  • ash

    Great article! Since this is a Mnet Show, I had my doubts but I’m surprisingly happy with how the show is going so far.