[Recap 2017] Amazing girl groups that bid us goodbye

According to a Science book that I’ve read before, to create balance within a society, the birth rate and death rate must be balanced. If the birth rate rises high, it will create over saturation in population that may lead to a demise in the society. Just like the society, the K-Pop industry is also the same. With the constant influx of new groups as well as the growth in age of older groups, contracts expire, and to the fans’ disappointment, leads to disbandment. 2017 has been one of the most heartbreaking years for the K-Pop industry, marking several disbandments and departures of notable girl groups we all loved. Let’s remember some of the girl groups that bid us goodbye this 2017.


Spica is a five membered girl group under B2M Entertainment. They debuted in 2012 with debut single “Russian Roulette” and sparked interest for being an all-around talented girl group. They even made a US debut with an English track titled “I Did It“. In February this year, their current agency, CJ E&M, announced that Spica has disbanded. However, Narae assured Spica fans that they may be separating ways individually, but they will remain as Spica. Currently, member Yang Jiwon joined KBS’ rebooting program “The Unit” and became a constant placer in the Top 9.


Who would ever forget about IOI? IOI is the final girl group off the hit survival program Produce 101. They debuted with Dream Girls and easily became one of the best selling and most popular girl groups. In January, the group disbanded after releasing their final single “Downpour“. The girls came back to their respective agencies and walked their own “flower roads”. Sejeong and Mina are currently in the popular girl group, Gugudan, Yoojung and Doyeon are in Weki Meki, Nayoung and Kyulkyung are in Pristin, Chaeyeon returned to DIA, Yeonjung was added to WJSN, Chungha debuted solo, Somi starred in lots of TV shows, and Sohye pursued her career in acting. The 11 members promised to reunite after 5 years.


Sistar is a four membered girl group that debuted under Starship Entertainment. They debuted in 2010 with “Push Push” along with a stellar music video. The girls became one of the best-selling girl groups constantly dominating the charts with every release. They are best known for their summer releases, hailing them by their fans as the “Summer Queens”. On May, they released their farewell song “Lonely” and proceeded with usual promotions until June.

Dal Shabet

I must say, Dal Shabet could have been bigger and more successful if their company managed them properly. Debuting in 2011, Dal Shabet rose to become one of the most successful debutants of the year. Their debut single “Supa Dupa Diva” managed to sell more than a million downloads, so does their other title track “Bling Bling“. Many people acknowledged Dal Shabet to become a future top girl group, however their path went downhill. There are many factors that may have affected their career path, it includes controversies created by fans of other groups. The group faced many lineup changes which could have also been a factor. Let’s not forget on how their company seemed to have forgotten about their existence too. Their last single was released on 2016, titled “Fri. Sat. Sun“. In December, three of the four members left the company, which became the signal of Dal Shabet’s fall. Members reassured fans that they may be under different companies, they will continue to be Dal Shabet. Currently, Serri and Woohee are participating in “The Unit”.

miss A

It would be a lie if I will say I did not see this disbandment coming. miss A debuted in 2010 under JYP Entertainment. One of the most successful debut tracks, “Bad Girl Good Girl” became the best-selling song for the entire year of 2010. The girls constantly generated hits and became a success as a group, as miss A. In 2015, they came back after more than a year of hiatus with “Only You“. “Only You” became the best selling girl group song of 2015. Little did we know it would also be their final single together. In 2016, Jia left the group, and in November this year, Min decided not to renew her contract. The following month, JYP announced the group’s disbandment. Suzy will be focusing on acting and is also currently a solo artist. Fei will focus on her solo and acting career in China.

Wonder Girls

I mean, which normal individual, K-Popper or not, doesn’t know Wonder Girls? Also known as the “Queens of K-Pop”? Wonder Girls debuted in 2007, also under JYP Entertainment. Since debut, the group released constant chart-dominating singles, making them the “national girl group” of their time. Things went downhill for Wonder Girls including lineup changes, as well as their American advancement. They had been in an indefinite hiatus, however they made a huge comeback in 2015 not as a girl group, but as a band. Initially, people were not buying their reform, however upon the release of “I Feel You“, Wonder Girls reclaimed their “top girl group” status back. “I Feel You” topped charts and became talked about in 2015. The next year, they released “Why So Lonely” and managed to bag multiple awards and sweep the charts. Wonder Girls fell but managed to get up, that’s why the fans and the general public became very disappointed and sad when JYP announced that the girl band will be separating ways. They released their final single on February 10, commemorating their 10th year anniversary, titled “Draw Me“.


2017 has been a really difficult and heartbreaking year for us K-Pop fans, but that is the reality we all have to face. Some will come and some will go. Hopefully, 2018 will treat us better! Happy New Year, everyone!

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