Rec’d by Rinne: Eargasm

Believe it or not but music is more than capable of changing someone’s heart. Music swings your mood at its whim. Punk rock makes you rebel against your mom. Hip hop makes you feel like the sassiest couch potato ever. Jazz helps you to sleep. Ballad makes you cry in a corner. Thrash metal makes you appreciate daily life conversations with your parents even more. All of those, are based on genre.. and we haven’t yet to start with other subjects such as lyrics and musical elements. Music offers more that just that. Music also offers eargasm. GASP!

Well according to Rinnepedia, eargasm is a climax of listening (to music) pleasure, characterized by continuous replay button (of a music player) smashing. Without further ado, here are my recommended songs that can give listeners with eargasmic spasms and change them into a new person. Our theme is idol group. LET’S GO!

*use headphone for better listening experience and to reach quicker eargasm*

 1. Songs that can turn even the most hardcore and stubborn girl group fanboy into a boy group fanboy

SS501 – Love Like This

“every single part of this song is very catchy but you wouldn’t want to find yourself being caught by Kim Hyun Joong”

 SHINee – Sherlock (Clue + Note)

“the chorus is so good it can help you forget about Minho’s talk-no-jutsu in this song”

Big Bang – Last Farewell

“the closest thing we got of Big Bang resembling Teen Top, or vice versa”

2. Songs that can turn even the most delusional “oppa didn’t mean it” boy group fangirl into a girl group fangirl

4Minute – HUH (Hit Your Heart)

“Hyuna and the girls showed us that not only belly fat can hit your heart the hardest”

f(x) – Nu Abo

“that time when Sulli and Krystal gave more fuck than me trying to decide whether an equation is a function or not”

After School – Bang!

“Don’t bang your head against Kahi or this Hallyu veteran will bite you back”

3. Songs that turn us into a hot mess tsundere searching for guilty pleasures

Co-ed School – Bbiribbom Bbaeribom

“yes that’s Taewoon from SMTM4, and no that’s not Hwayoung”

Big Bang & 2NE1 – Lollipop

“Yo Gabba Gabba characters singing in Korean”

Girl’s Day – Tilt My Head

“self explanatory”

So that’s about it. Enjoy and have a nice day! 😀

*leave a comment below if you have something else in mind*


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  • Ash

    “that time when Sulli and Krystal gave more fuck than me trying to decide whether an equation is a function or not”

    This is why i listen to kpop.

  • Amanda

    girl no you did not just link Tilt My Head!!!!!!!!

    • Rinne

      It’s my rec!