Rec’d by Rinne: Sentimental Songs

Sick of upbeat and loud songs? Feels the need of calming yourself down, relaxing, and have a peace of mind once in a while? Worry not because K-Pop offer tonnes of great soothing and sentimental songs. Admittedly, South Korea provide us with one of the best ballad, soul, and R&B songs. Warning: Prepare a box of tissue because recommended songs might leave you in tears. I won’t be interpreting meaning of rec’d songs’ and its music videos because I am honestly bad at it but that won’t stop you from checking it out right? More over when you are currently sad or.. sober perhaps. Let’s make this blog post your playlist of the day. Hit the play button!

  • Naul – Memory of the Wind

Frankly speaking I don’t truly understand the music video but that might just because of its probability to infinite interpretation. Nevertheless it left me in tears while listening to this song because:

  1. Naul’s Heaven sent voice.
  2. Her dad got killed by.. umm.. something from Heaven.. no Hell maybe? But it’s still sad.
  3. Park Ki Woo is the prince charming, and I cried for his supposedly happiness with the girl.
  4. The beat and arrangement of this song are like an effort of melodramatic story telling.


  • Brown Eyed Soul – Love Ballad

Naul is one of the member of this group so you can expect more quality stuffs from them. Brown Eyed Soul has been dubbed as South Korean’s Westlife, though I would prefer to dub them correctly as South Korean’s Boyz II Men.


  • Huh Gak and John Park – My Best

Huh Gak and John Park are known ballad singers with touches from R&B and Soul. Huh Gak especially as he wowed audiences many times over in a popular KBS show; Immortal Song 2. No lyrics needed as you can tell from the vocal deliveries and music video, it’s a song about appreciation towards someone you love, as you cherish all the good and tough times you have been through with them

and this song also rendered by Produce 101 contestants in a vocal group battle, perfectly portrayed their struggles and happy times together.


  • Huh Gak – Hello

There is a saying that once there’s a girl appears between two male bffs, a rift between them will happen, and this song delivers just that as far as the music video concerns. Both men fall in love with the same woman who apparently almost committed suicide days ago. Kang Sora is cute so I can’t see that happening

this song is a continuation to Hello, it’s not that bad too, but the title is just horrible and I don’t want to rec’d a song that might encourage suicide due to misinterpretation


  • SG Wannabe – As I Live

SG Wannabe is one of South Korean’s greatest and it’s easy to see why they are one of the elite with this song called As I Live. Their vocal prowess and strong deliveries unintentionally makes me actually understands and feels the meaning and intention within the song. I don’t speak Korean but it made me cry. I was in tears for no reason. That’s just how good this song is and the band typically.

Kim Jin Ho performed this song in a special commemorative episode of KBS’s Immortal Song 2 in memory of former group member, Chae Dong Ha. One word, phenomenal


  • Lee Hi – Breathe

Lee Hi just came out from YG’s jam-packed dungeon to bless us with this soothing and soulful song. Her voice is angelic and it takes my breath away (pun not intended). The song is composed by SHINee’s Jonghyun and boy oh boy he did it in a grandiose fashion. It’s a good song for those who find it hard and tiring with your daily life, especially to workers because I felt it that way. The best thing in life is the hardest thing to get so never take it for granted and appreciate everything you already have.


  • Zion.T – Yanghwa Bridge

Rising R&B/Soul singer-songwriter, Zion.T, is critically acclaimed as one of the best in the business. Apart from his casual and flashy appearances, his discography is a work of art. Girls are head over heels in love for him. His simple yet meaningful lyrics are well conveyed by his soothing voice and perfectly tuned melody. See and listen for yourself.


  • Zion.T and Crush – Just

It’s not a sin to put two great vocalists in one song, and my oh my it is a blessing indeed. Crush, another rising star in South Korea, has collaborated with many artists. Among them are Zico, Gaeko, Gray, and so on. But the one with Zion.T tops it all. It’s “Just” perfect.


  • Park Hyo Shin – Wild Flower

Park Hyo Shin is a South Korean ballad heart-throb. He is really good-looking and to make him even more insanely perfect, his voice worth a Grammy. Wild Flower redefines the meaning of sentimental.


  • IU feat. Jang Yi Jeong of HISTORY – Friday

It can’t be more resplendent to end this list with a song from K-Pop’s best female singer, IU. She achieved everything she could wish for in her life, and that includes my heart and soul. Friday is a sweet song, perfect for lovey-dovey moments. A date or a honeymoon couldn’t get any better without this song. Love is in the air~


There you have it, 10 sentimental songs that I would like to recommend it for you guys to have a relaxing time alone or with companions. Share us your thoughts and leave a comment, let us know your own playlist of sentimental songs. Enjoy!


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