The Return Of Super Junior D&E

Super Junior D&E is back! But wait, hold up, are you interested in knowing more about D&E? 

Super Junior D&E, (슈퍼주니어-동해&은혁, also known as Donghae & Eunhyuk, D&E or SJ-D&E), is the fifth official subgroup of the South Korean boy band Super Junior, formed by SM Entertainment in 2011. The sub-group is composed of two Super Junior members Donghae & Eunhyuk. The duo’s first official performance was on December 16, 2011, on KBS’s Music Bank, performing ‘떴다 오빠 (Oppa, Oppa)’. The group released their first Korean extended play (EP), The Beat Goes On on March 9, 2015. (thanks Wikipedia!)

If you haven’t heard of them, this is great opportunity to get to know them better! I suggest watching this video from two years ago.

(look at how handsome the both of them are <3)

The duo are expected to be discharged on 12 July and 14 July respectively, having enlisted on 13 October (Eunhyuk) and 15 October 2015 (Donghae, and coincidentally it was his birthday as well). I am excited for them to back, having had to rely on army pictures and videos for the past two years was never easy. There were days that made it seem like time passes by slowly but now the wait is over, they’re finally coming back!

(welcome back boards are seen around train stations in Korea, ahead of their discharge)

I saw that pic when i walk subway . Thank you guys. we'll meet soon. Love u all 👍

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(Update! Donghae went to take a picture with his own picture too~)

Today, I’ll be sharing with you things you should know about Super Junior D&E and perhaps after this article, you’ll take an interest in them!

Super Junior D&E have absolutely great music, “Growing Pains” is one example.

(I swear I had it on repeat for several months)

Super Junior D&E never fail to produce great quality music and I am generally impressed by the songs they have released so far. For example, their last album before enlistment, “The Beat Goes On”, is an example whereby I can’t find any songs that I dislike. In other words, the album was gold and should be appreciated more instead of being slept on.

One of the songs, Choki Wa or otherwise known as Can You Feel It, had the ultimate potential to be popular and viral like Gangnam Style but due to lack of promotions, it failed to do well. However, it was still well-received by SM Town artists and other people who were featured in a particular video, as seen below :

And fans found out that it had become a meme as well.

Moreover, Don’t Wake Me Up is absolutely great as well, one of my favorite songs along with Growing Pains. Perhaps you can listen to Growing Pains and after feeling sorrowful, you can listen to Don’t Wake Me Up for some refreshment and fluff.

Fans usually hold support banners or have surprise events for their favorite idols and of course, Super Junior D&E fans are one of them as well.

Fans singing ‘There is always you”, a song that Super Junior M had covered back in their early debut days.

Fans singing to Super Junior ‘A Short Journey’ before the concert started ..

D&E’s reaction afterwards, or rather Eunhyuk’s reaction.

Their last stop was at Bangkok, Thailand and thus everyone present sang ‘A Short Journey’ as a farewell song to D&E (warning: it is quite emotional ;;)

D&E is especially good at making fun of their fans, teasing them as and when the situation allows them to. In return, fans sometimes troll D&E even harder.

D&E were surprised by the banners but nonetheless, they played along!

Fans get a taste of their own medicine for making fun of D&E for being uncles, therefore no encore for them!

Fans teased Eunhyuk that Donghae is his wife and Eunhyuk gets his own revenge later on!


D&E makes fun of their own translator XD

Going through all these things made me grateful for D&E and for whatever they do in order to put on the best shows for their fans. Their beautiful smiles went through a long period of endurance and suffering before making their way to the top and I really appreciate them for always doing their best.

D&E is a unit full of talents, humor and love. I anticipate their upcoming performance, hoping to see their renewed chemistry and them performing wholeheartedly for their fans like they always do.

Have I included the things you wished to see? Those who are new to D&E, what do you think of them? Is it time to binge-watch their videos? Time to stan these visuals!

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