Revisiting 2016 K-Pop’s Halloween Anthem

As the jack-o’-lanterns light and the leaves turn orange around me (really, as the snow begins to fall) I can’t help but cast my mind back to October of 2016 when K-Pop was shaken up by one artist’s Halloween-themed release. It’s a song that will come readily to the minds of many fans of K-Pop during the spookiest of seasons. It’s a track that left as lasting impact on the K-Pop industry – an earworm with a fittingly wriggly dance.

Yes. You guessed it. It’s Grace’s “Trick or Treat.”

When Grace dropped this track back in 2016, is was in perfect timing for the festivities of Halloween – if the title alone is any indication. As far as impact goes, the most viewed version of this MV had yet to reach one million views, but I can assure you that those who have seen it are the part of the enlightened few. Or 800k. Either works. In any case, you know and I know that views don’t always reflect quality and right here with Grace’s “Trick or Treat” we have a real Halloween treat. It’s dark without being scary, it’s quirky while still being catchy, and the dance only makes it all better.

And while I’m here I’ll promo her other vaguely Halloweenish track “Zombie High.” Though released just this last winter in February of 2017, it fits rather well in this season of costumes and candy. So sit back, enjoy a Twix bar, and revel in the festive spook that is Grace’s discography. It’s all in the holiday spirit, really.

If there's a Baekhyun, there's a way.

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