Hey kids! It’s time for Show and Tell! Let’s see what OH!Press has brought to share with the class.

#1: Choreography


I am far from being the biggest BTS fan ever (sorry guys, I just never managed to jump on the BTS train) but I am really glad they made a nice music video style version of this special stage choreo. I think choreo that mimes things, like the gun, is so cool and they really went all out on this whole routine! Credit where credit is due, if people think K-Pop choreography isn’t creative I don’t think they can have seen this. A lot of the ideas aren’t new or unique but they have been put together so well.


[DISCLAIMER]: If you are offended by SEXY SEXY SEXY choreography, do not watch this video. It’ll make your nose bleed.

Project X is the dance group comprised of choreographer Doobu and idols from different boy groups. They had previously put out another choreography video, but I think this one really stands out. They have a club scene, where they go out and get their drink on, but the really good stuff starts at 1:12. I think this group is especially cool because they show you some lesser-known dancers– for example, J-Heart from N-Sonic and Daeil from 24K. Have any of you even heard this song before this video? I hadn’t, but I went and downloaded it right away. No shame.

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