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#2: Triumphant Returns



Block B – Before Block B came back with Very Good in October of 2013, their fans weren’t even certain that the group would even make a comeback. In January of the same year, it was revealed that Block B had filed an injunction against their management company, Stardom Entertainment, asking for their exclusive contract to be nullified. They claimed that they had been mismanaged and hadn’t been paid proper wages. After a six month legal battle, Block B lost their case, leaving their fans unsure of their status as a group. However, a couple of months later, they were mysteriously transferred to Seven Seasons, a brand new company that was made specifically for Block B, who promptly brought them out of hiatus with their Very Good mini album. To this day, they are still the sole artist under Seven Seasons, and the company is treating them like kings.


SS301 – The original flower boys have returned to the K-pop scene after a six-year hiatus. From military enlistment to lawsuits and fatherhood, the SS501 legacy continues in 2016. Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong and Kim Hyung Jun have comeback as the dangerously sexy sub-unit, ‘Double S 301’. Get your hormones ready and check out their title track, Pain!


Brave Girls – Debuting way back in 2011, the girls finally made a comeback with 5 new members after a two and half year hiatus, with their title track “Deepened.” Brave Girls made a decent impact in the K-pop scene but never got to capitalize on it, Brave Entertainment’s disregard for their own groups being the main cause of it. A solid title track, Deepened is a sweet and slow melodic song that kind of reminds me of their own debut song, Do You Know. A girl group that I had my eye on since their debut, hopefully this will be the start of their climb out of nugudom~

PS: Brave Entertainment, concentrate on your own groups from now on!


NU’EST – NU’EST recently made their first Korean comeback in almost a year with their 4th mini album Q Is. Their title track of the bunch, “Overcome,” is a wonderful mix of musical styles with a slow jam in the beginning that builds intensity to a more upbeat, catchy chorus. Visuals in the music video are 10/10 as well (if you just ignore Ren’s two dollar Party Craft wig). I feel that NU’EST has been overshadowed a bit in recent years with the onslaught of debuts and rising rookie groups, so I hope they get some recognition for this solid comeback.


RANIA – With the addition of three new members, RANIA is back with a great bop, DEMONSTRATE!


TVXQ – I know it’s predictable of me, but we can’t talk about iconic comebacks without talking about what is, in my opinion, the greatest boy group comeback of all time. Okay, maybe I’m just playing favourites, but allow me to fully embrace my biasedness because this group more than justifies it for years to come…

Whether the music itself appeals to you or not, you have to admit that this comeback has it all… a huge, incredibly popular group at the peak of their career suddenly being thrown into chaos and uncertainty for years, only to resurrect itself like a phoenix and emerge even more polished and successful than anyone truly anticipated. Yunho and Changmin left the ashes of TVXQ’s former 5-member line up fading in their wake, to end up standing tall as a redebuted duo, against all the odds. The stuff of legends.

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