Single Album Review: Dreamcatcher – Fall Asleep In The Mirror


Release Date: April 5 2017


  1. My Toys (Intro)
  2. Good Night (Title)
  3. Lullaby
  4. Good Night (Inst.)

Total Runtime: 10:27

Recommended for: Those looking for something darker and more rock-based in their K-pop as well as fans of powerful concepts with a strong performance aspect.

NOT recommended for: Those who only like bright, bubblegum pop, or who dislike J-pop and J-rock, which heavily influence this album.

After grabbing attention with their horror concept, synchronized choreography, and powerful rock sound with their January debut, “Nightmare,” 7-member girl group Dreamcatcher are back with another single album, “Fall Asleep in the Mirror.”

Track Review:

Track 1 – My Toys (Intro)

“My Toys” does its job as an intro track, providing a decent prelude to the title track and echoing its musical motifs. Like most intro tracks, it doesn’t have much standalone value but it sets up an appropriately eerie atmosphere and opens the story-driven concept with gusto. The melange of strings, echoing footsteps, and mysterious knocking work to whet the appetite of listeners and really let you know what this single album is all about before the title track begins. Nothing spectacular, but a solid intro nonetheless!

Track 2 – Good Night (Title)

With their title track, “Good Night”, Dreamcatcher encapsulate all the reasons this is the most excited I’ve been by a new K-pop group in a long, long time. As the eerie music-box melody which opens the track dissolves into an upbeat electric guitar riff reminiscent of many an anime opening, you know you’re in for something out of the ordinary. The group’s characteristically powerful vocals leave a strong impression, but they weave between the unapologetically in-your-face rock vocals and a softer and sweeter (but just as fatal) style, fitting the beautiful but creepy concept to a tee. The chorus has a strong, easy-to-remember  hook and is instantaneously catchy. The baby-metal vibes set my heart aflutter, as something I never expected to hear from a kpop group. This is notable considering the current trends lean towards remarkably softer and brighter concepts, particularly among girl groups.

Although this track works beautifully alone, it’s worth mentioning that as a heavily concept-driven single album, it’s worth watching both the music video and performances of “Good Night”, and checking out their previous title track. “Good Night” is undoubtedly a continuation of their debut single, “Chase Me”, and together the two tracks and their respective music videos tell a spell-binding story with strong horror elements (but no Vixx-like gore, so don’t worry if you’re squeamish!). The choreography is my favorite kind: powerful, synchronized, and with a clear story to tell. Check it out for the full Dreamcatcher experience:

Track 3 – Lullaby

A somewhat sudden change of pace, depending on your point of view “Lullaby” will either seem out of place or showcase Dreamcatcher’s versatility and their ability to effortlessly switch from an upbeat and powerfully dark track to this sweet, sad ballad. I find this change welcome as it allows a chance for the listener to catch their breath after the high energy of “Good Night,” as well as to enjoy the girls’ great vocals, which you could easily miss in the excitement of the title track. The song is not as distinctive as Dreamcatcher’s other offerings but is a pleasant, stripped-down listen all the same. The song has a slight edge of the group’s characteristic darkness but could benefit from a stronger hint of eeriness to fit in more seamlessly with their nightmare theme.


Review overview
Summary Although this is only the group’s second offering, they have the flair and originality of a seasoned group. The music, while perhaps not to everyone’s taste, certainly stands out on the K-pop scene and forces you to pay attention. They deliver the horror concept beautifully and I can’t wait to see what they put out next. "Good Night" is the perfect follow-up to "Chase Me", and with the release of "Fall Asleep In The Mirror" I can now say with certainty that Dreamcatcher have lived up to their name in catching my dreams, my attention, and maybe even my heart.
SJW (Sungjong Justice Warrior)

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