Single + MV Review: Sistar – Lonely

Release Date: May 31, 2017

Total Runtime: 00:03:14

Recommended for: Sistar fans; people who like slower songs with a heavy emphasis on acoustic instrumentals; Anyone who appreciates the finer things in life.

NOT Recommended for: People who do not like slow songs.

Not too long ago, Starship Entertainment announced their flagship group, Sistar, would be disbanding. The group would call it quits after one final comeback (a non album single). With fans reeling from the pain of having to say goodbye to such an iconic group, will the girls deliver with their final release as four? Or will fans be left disappointed?


The teaser pictures for this comeback foreshadowed that it would take a slower route compared to their summer releases. Although it was clear that it would be a regular comeback, many would have been able to guess that it would be a bittersweet release. Bitter, in the sense that Sistar would be ending things on a sad note, but sweet because we actually got something. I, for one, have loved all of Sistar’s title tracks (yes, even the begrudged “Shake It”) and so any comeback at all was much appreciated.

From the get go, the acoustic guitar commands a heavy presence. This is the perfect choice as it highlights Sistar’s vocal line very well. The vocals are almost soft, but they are not underwhelming and add a very nice flavor to the song. The transition from the rap part to the sung verses is also quite smooth. I also happen to like this rap part the most out of any Sistar song.

The music video really encapsulates the term ‘bittersweet’. It is filled with much softer tones. From the members walking alone in the street, the lack of hard-hitting colors and cutting out choreography; it reflects the song’s message. Perhaps the saddest part is in the last 40 seconds, as we see the girls re-enacting some of their past dance moves. Their final shot as four is completely black and white showing that while it is lights-out for Sistar as a group, there is still a ray of hope as they remain close friends.

The have had some great live performances since the song was released and here are a few:

I could go on and on. But this is truly emotional.

They are literally just standing there, but it is so enjoyable. And emotional! The girls look beautiful and they gave it their all.

Dasom really impressed me here. She has never really been a good vocalist but this was a great performance by her. Hyorin and Soyou, obviously delivered with their vocals and Bora’s rap was very well done. Shout-out to the previous Sistar performances playing in the background!

Last, but never the least, is this medley of their past hits. This was so colorful and a great way to highlight their tenure as K-Pop’s resident summer queens. The performance is just as lively as it would have been years ago, proving that Sistar truly are legends. The outfits are also quite beautiful. This performance will make you emotional, but that’s the point of the stage.

Here is another medley performance:

It has been hard for the past two weeks. It almost seems surreal that the one group that had an entire season to themselves will be no more. We all knew Sistar as the ‘summer queens’and no other girl group has taken over a duration of time like these girls have. From their debut song, they have been releasing chart topping hits and serving quality albums. I found K-Pop in 2010 (more or less) but I never really got into it until some three or four years later. “Alone” was one of the first songs that got me back into K-pop and put this beautiful group on my radar. I love every one of the girls and even though I do not consider myself to be a Star1, the thought of never getting to hear another summer release kills me inside.

Here is a rather nifty tribute to the girls. Credits to the owner of the video.

I am very happy they have the opportunity to properly say goodbye. I am also glad that this final release has achieved great results on the digital front, further proving that Sistar truly are the digital queens. It is a pity that one of the most iconic K-Pop girl groups will leave us forever, but their legacy remains. What is it that people say? Oh yes, “trends come and go, but legends stay forever!”. Whatever the girls plan to do in the future, I fully support them and wish them the best. #THANKYOUSISTAR

Queens forever. Slaystar! LegendStar! We will miss you, terribly!
✿ OH!Press' resident Red Velvet stan ✿

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