Single Review: DAY6 – Every Day6 August

Release date: August 7, 2017


  1. What Can I Do?
  2. Whatever!

Total Runtime: 00:07:11

Recommended for: MyDays, people who enjoy rock music, people who wants to listen to quality and good songs.

Not recommended for: Fans of idol-like songs.

Track Review

Track 1 – What Can I Do (TITLE)

Just like the title… what can I do? DAY6 are just too good. Compared to last month’s release with the slow hazy afternoon anthem “Hi, Hello,” this month’s is a huge change. “What Can I Do? boasts of a much more upbeat sound, with the rock elements that can be resemblant to songs of the early 70’s. DAY6 obviously experimented with their new single, and no longer to my surprise, they flawlessly executed yet another dive into a new genre. Compared to their other songs – excluding “I’m Serious” – “What Can I Do?” is more playful and is able to convey the freshness of five young men in their twenties. The bass and synthesizer (Brian and Wonpil) were worth mentioning, but of course everyone did a superb job.

It is no longer a secret that DAY6 is a group filled with capable vocalists, and this single is no exception in showcasing the boys’ vocal superiority. I personally love Wonpil’s voice the most in DAY6, however, this time Brian’s voice takes the cake for me. Though Sungjin is more known for his “scratchy” voice, Brian’s scratchy voice in the chorus is more satisfying and sexier if you understand me. Jae’s note at 2:51 though! Get it boy!

However, more surprising than the title track is definitely the music video. The MV features the boys in a school with a single female lead. The story was left rather open-ended and up to the creative imagination of the viewers. My perception is that Jae is best friends with the female lead. Dowoon is the school’s heartthrob that has no interest in anything. Brian is a loner and prefers to stay away from people. Sungjin likes the female lead but, much to his heartbreak, the girl fell for Brian. And lastly, our cutie cutie Wonpil pulled off a K.Will “Please Don’t” because he is actually in love with Sungjin and it hurts him to see Sungjin feeling heartbreak. In their V-App broadcast, Jae confirmed that Wonpil likes Sungjin in the MV but the former kept on insisting that such theory is of no truth, so cute!

Track 2 – Whatever!

Whatever! is an equally good song as “What Can I Do?” If anything, it’s a better song, but the better title is still “What Can I Do?”, if that makes sense. The song is a tuned up Hi, Hello in terms of pace and harmonization. The transitions and the arrangement was much cleaner than the title, and the gradual buildup from the verse to the chorus was definitely worth it with such a banger and fulfilling chorus. The song is about having fun and living life as if there’s no tomorrow. “Today, let’s play!”

Review overview
Summary If anything, DAY6 can only surpass DAY6. I'm astounded on how JYP Entertainment created such band with the perfect synergy and teamwork to release quality songs like the songs in this single album. A little bit over halfway of the year-long project, Every DAY6 is yet to disappoint and releasing experimental but amazing songs like What Can I Do, it just makes me look forward and anticipate to the final four releases.
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