Single Review: DAY6 – EveryDAY6 November

Release date: November 06, 2017


  1. All Alone
  2. Pouring

Total runtime: 00:07:50

Recommended for: MyDay (DAY6 fans), people who like DAY6’s slow-paced music, people who like calming and relaxing music.

Not Recommended for: Opposite of the above.

DAY6 had been working non-stop, releasing quality music after quality music. Young.K, Wonpil, Sungjin, Dowoon, and Jae never failed to reach everyone’s expectations for these past 10 months. As they are approaching the conclusion of their year-long project, let’s see if the November edition of EveryDay6 served the quality everyone expected.

Track #1 – All Alone

Day6 already proved themselves to be a versatile band by expressing themselves in many different genres under EveryDay6 project. All Alone is a slow, relaxing song that showcases one of Day6’s strengths, which is their unmatched harmony. It is an acoustic type of song with the boys playing different instruments than usual. The beginning starts smoothly and ends on a good note. Vocals were amazing, but not powerful.

Realistically, All Alone is EveryDAY6’s most underwhelming track by far. By K-music standards, it’s an average slow song, but for DAY6’s standards, it’s a snooze-inducing track. I expected more, frankly speaking. Although All Alone is essentially good, the band could have chosen a better title song for this month’s release.

A factor that could have affected the title track selecting process, is the chronology of their music videos. As we all know, their past three music videos followed a single storyline which featured DAY6 as students, with unrequited love, part time workers, and LGBT love. The MV for All Alone is very minimal, progressing from What Can I Do?’s MV up to When You Love Someone. The 5 boys are seen sitting on one bench playing their instruments while flashbacks of the previous MV appear on screen, summarizing the roller-coaster of emotions we felt upon each MV’s releases.

Track #2 – Pouring

Not to discredit to All Alone, that song is amazing, but Pouring is that killer title track that I had been waiting for. Pouring is a rock song with a Japanese vibe to it, in a good way. I’m not a huge anime fan, but Pouring is 100% an amazing choice for an anime theme song. The song starts with a subtle intro, a normal paced verse, with a catchy refrain building up to an extraordinary chorus! The instrumental is perfect, and the boys’ vocals do its wonders once again. I’m particularly captivated by Young.K’s voice in the chorus because that one single bit is phenomenal.

I really wish they had released it as a title track instead.

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Summary If it wasn't for Pouring, I would have given this single album a lower score. Hopefully, the final installment of EveryDAY6 won't disappoint. Not that i'm disappointed with November, I'm just a little underwhelmed. Anyways, congrats boys!
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