Single Review: DAY6 – EveryDAY6 October

Release Date: September 29, 2017


  1. When You Love Someone
  2. I Need Somebody

Total Runtime: 00:07:22

Recommended for: People who like the mellow and slow rock side of Day6. Anyone who is looking for good music in general.

NOT recommended for: Those looking for idol-like pop songs.

It has not been long since they dropped the rock-ballad song for the September edition of EveryDAY6 and now the boys are back with their October edition when it isn’t October yet. If you’re confused about the matter, DAY6 gave way for GOT7’s comeback on October 10th. In this new single album, DAY6 challenged a new genre. We already expect the outcome, but let’s see if the boys did justice to a new music style.

Track Review:

Track 1: When You Love Someone

“When You Love Someone” is another slow track from Day6. They seem to have been taking a lot of interest in slow-paced songs, however, they never forget to keep them differing from each other. Their other songs like “Hi, Hello” and “I Loved You” and now when “You Love Someone,” all share the charm of them not being too fast and energetic, but there is a clear line that keeps them different. I must say, this song is a more mellow track – the type of song to be played in coffee shops if you get me. It sounds very sweet and the boys’ honey vocals did wonders again. The song flowed very smoothly and every second of the song is very chill and relaxing. Clearly my cup of music. According to Jae, this song is his favorite Day6 song to date and I think our tastes are similar.

The music video followed the plot of the first two music videos. However, this one is a prequel as well as a sequel to “I Loved You’s.” At the end of “I Loved You,” we can see Sungjin confronting the girl he likes and being face to face with her. The MV brings us three days before that incident and it gave us more clarifications and sheds light on the boys’ individual backgrounds. Dowoon, the popular guy, is seen preferring to be alone all the time in the first music videos. Here, it made us understand that he lacks the attention he needs from family hence he tends to be like that in school. Jae, who fell in love with the cafe barista was brought back to the first time he laid his eyes on her. Young.K was brought back to the picture and played a big role in the MV. After some mishaps, he and the main female character (Sungjin’s interest) spent time together and seemed to be very happy. Much to Sungjin’s heartbreak, he and Wonpil witnessed the two together and the frame brings us back to the confrontation scene.

“I have something to tell you. I like you. You don’t have to answer. I said it because I don’t want to regret. Go in carefully.”

Aw, poor Sungjin. In the end, the best friends were seen together as Wonpil returns the keychain to Sungjin. We can say that the story already concluded however we cannot close the doors for a possible final MV to clarify the story’s ending. Yay for team Wonpil!

Track 2: I Need Somebody

“I Need Somebody” is a relatively new concept for Day6. I can’t get a grasp of the song’s genre, but the chorus resembles Linkin Park’s style in acoustic. If that made sense. “I Need Somebody” is too good to be a B-side. If anything, it could have been a next release because it’s just too amazing. In Day6′ discography, there is a song called “Colors” in their debut album, in which you can tell their feelings are the same. The song is low-key dark and the lyrics “Why am I alone?” adds more to it. I’m impressed yet again by how Day6 can execute a new style perfectly like this. I won’t mention their vocals because they are astounding as usual. I’ll be honest, I like this song a bit more although the title song’s vibe is more of my style.

Review overview
Summary This single is surely one of the best out of the EveryDAY6 releases. I love how When You Love Someone is so sweet and mellow and I Need Somebody is a complete contrast of it. Also, the boys dived into a new sea and still conquered it. What can I say? I'm so much impressed. Congrats for another bomb, boys!
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