Single Review : DAY6 – EveryDAY6 September

Release Date: September 6, 2017


  1. I Loved You
  2. I’ll Remember

Total Runtime: 00:07:50

Recommended for: What can I say? People into good music.

NOT recommended for: Complete opposite of the above.

The boys are already 3/4 past their groundbreaking year-long project “EveryDAY6”. As time passes by, the pressure to continue releasing quality music keeps on rising, so let’s check if Day6 managed to live up to the expectations for their new music. Here we can get the answers from our questions in the past comeback, but as we acquire answers we also get more questions along the way. Without further ado, let’s begin!

Track Review:

Track 1: I Loved You

After last month’s energetic and funky track “What Can I Do?”, DAY6 brings back their inner mellow sides with a rock ballad, “I Loved You.” The song is simply beautiful. And by saying “simple”, I mean it. The song flows very softly and is far from being over-produced. The instrumental is chill and picks up the pace when the climax parts hits. It’s actually very simple, and I like it. It’s like “Hi, Hello” but a more rock and emotional version. There is not anything about the song that is exceptionally outstanding nor anything about the song that sticks out like a sore thumb. Creating a little spice into the simplicity of the song itself is the title. In K-Pop, the words “I Love You” is way more than common. However, the addition of the suffix ‘-ed’ into the word “love” made it intriguing. As the title suggests, the lyrics are about DAY6 talking to their past love interest. It may have been a two-way relationship, it could also have been an unrequited love. The particular lyric that hit me is the part in the chorus: “I want to hate you. But I hate you more because I can’t hate you.” The interpretation of the lyrics is always subjective anyways. The song of course featured the boys’ amazing voices and on-point harmonization.

The MV on the other hand, is a continuation of “What Can I Do?” In the prior music video, it had shown DAY6 as high school students with varying backgrounds and personalities. In the end of “What Can I Do?’s” music video, a twist was added that revealed the girl Sungjin likes is in fact attracted to Young.K and much more shocking is that Wonpil likes his best friend, Sungjin. In the MV of “I Loved You,” it tackled the same story, but with a more emotional approach. Jae is seen going to a cafe and has a crush on the barista. Dowoon is shown being a smart student who is also very popular. He is playing in the arcade as a man attempted to hit him, but Young.K took the impact instead.  However , initially, Dowoon did not seem to care when in fact he does (by giving Young.K medications). It also shown the cat-dog relationship of Young.K and the female lead. Now, for the stars of this MV, the Sungjin-Wonpil couple. Always together, the best friends rode a bus going home until they notice that the girl Sungjin likes went aboard the bus. I sort of hoped that when the girl left the vehicle, Sungjin will NOT go after her and notice that Wonpil got hurt by his actions. Meh, Sungjin still followed the missy and is now in front of her, face to face. By the end, Wonpil sees that Sungjin dropped a key chain and is seen holding it.

The MV’s story is really interesting because we rarely see puppy love of this type let alone a series like Day6′. We need more answers!

Track 2: I’ll Remember

With this type of music, I’m not actually that much familiar. But with that intro, I already fell in love with it. The intro is very promising and I liked I’ll Remember as a whole. This song showcased their vocals more than the title track but honestly, the boys don’t need to prove anything anymore at this point. The song gets dull at times but quickly keeps up with the pace when approaching the chorus. I really liked the chorus and the vintage approach of the song as whole.

Review overview
Summary I must say, the boys can never disappoint. JYP creating Day6 is God's work. With their continuing releases of solid title tracks like all of their songs thus far, the boys just keeps on improving and improving. Congrats Day6 for another job well done!
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