Single Review: Gugudan 5959/OGUOGU – ICE CHU

Release Date: August 10, 2017


  1. ICE CHU
  2. ICE CHU (inst.)

Total Runtime: 00:06:30

Recommended for: Dear Friend’s (Gugudan’s fan-club name), lovers of bright, cute and unique concepts.

NOT recommended for: anyone who is tired of the aforementioned concept/style.

Gugudan 5959 (or Gugudan OGUOGU) is the group’s first sub-unit, consisting of maknae line Cho Hyeyeon and Kang Mina. Many would know Kang Mina by now due to her previous work on Produce 101 and as a member of the now-defunct group I.O.I. While the other group members are waiting for their groupmate Kim Sejeong to offload her schedules (mostly drama filming for School 2017) to prepare for a full group comeback, their label Jellyfish Entertainment has opted to promote 5959 in the meantime. Will the sub-unit surprise us or will it be just another lackadaisical attempt from the label to buy some time? Let’s get into it~

Track Review:

Track 1 – ICE CHU

Since this is just a single with one song, it is only fair for me to discuss about Ice Chu in many different aspects (concept, musical facet, music video, and et cetera). Regardless, the music video caught me completely off guard. The song itself is bright and vibrant, but the music video (despite hypostatizing the groove and suave of Ice Chu) is, in reality, incarnating the concept in a darker tone. Based on the lyrics, the song is all about cute and confident girls teasing the unfortunate (or fortunate) for a sweet and sour love. A sweet and sour love goes both ways, risky but worth it. And the music video at least for me is a little off from what the lyrics have suggested or maybe I am simply not looking deep enough, so please let me know if the former is the case.

The raw plot is composed of both of them acting or being a total jackass towards people around them or in this case, food. Almost to the point of them being classifiable as criminals (it’s a dramatic reach isn’t it?). But again this is a Jellyfish-produced music video, we saw this one coming. As for the crimes they are subtly or directly visualized in the music video, some are minor like disturbing the peace and some are major like abuse and assaults. Although, not to be taken seriously this music video is just a visual presentation of their aforementioned sweet and sour love. I did say that it’s a worthy risk! The girls are confident and cute after all, and in the real world, people can leave a mess despite their appeals and looks.

The lyrics are rather confusing with lots of random thrown words like Honolulu (basically the entire chorus). The verses make sense at least, and the entire song screams narcissism. Funny because Gugudan’s previous album focused on the concept of narcissism. The maknae line simply picked up where they left off. And that includes music quality. Gugudan’s A Girl Like Me was great, but 5959’s Ice Chu is better. By having only two members featured in a song, it is a lot easier for music composers and producers to refine their arrangements to amplify both the charms and talents of Hyeyeon and Mina accordingly. I’m glad that they did not overproduce Ice Chu. Sometimes, simplicity is better. For Ice Chu and its concept, it is. The colourful and dynamic music video accompanied by the catchy and funky Ice Chu is perfect. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this song.



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