Single Review: Hyoyeon – Wannabe ft. San E

Release Date: 1 June 2017

Total Runtime: 0:03:06

Recommended For: Loyal SNSD fans, those looking for a fun song to jam out to.

NOT Recommended For: Those expecting a track similar to SNSD’s style, listeners who are picky about rap skills.

SNSD’s fiercest member has stepped back in the ring as a soloist.

On June 1st, Soshi’s resident dancer released her second solo track, “Wannabe” featuring rapper San E, following her December 2016 release “Mystery”.

While “Mystery” was a sultry, latin pop inspired track, “Wannabe” takes a total 180 from that style, consisting of hip-hop beats and chorus that borders on pop-rock.

On first listen, this track can seem a bit disjointed. Diving in, you may think you’re getting a more hip-hop driven track, but by the chorus, you’re sort of left wondering where exactly this song is going.

This is not to say this is a bad song overall. With a few listens it gets to be a bit catchier, especially the chorus. However, there are aspects of the track that are lacking. For example, Hyoyeon has a significant amount of rap verses in this song. But, like most SM idols, rap isn’t exactly her strong suit. Her rapping is bearable in small doses, like her verses in “Mystery” and SNSD’s “You Think”. However, in a track like this, where she’s taking on a significant amount of rap lines, she could benefit from more practice. She certainly has the confidence and attitude of a rapper, but her delivery lacks. If she wants a more hip-hop style solo image, she’s going to need some improvement.

That being said, Hyoyeon’s current talents certainly lie in her vocal and dance abilities. Her raspy, sexy vocals are certainly some of the most unique in her group. It’s nice to hear them driving an entire chorus for a change; a chorus which is undoubtedly the best part of the song.

Another part of the song that has a catchy aspect to it is rapper San E’s short verse. Surprisingly, the mixture of his simple rap in the middle of the song and Hyoyeon’s ad-libs is a good combination. It’d be nice if we could see the pair perform the song together someday.

Although “Wannabe” may have its flaws, it definitely sets Hyoyeon apart from the rest of her Soshi sisters. Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun’s solos have all had their own color and individuality mixed into them, but they still have that SNSD feel to them. In contrast, Hyoyeon’s solo image seems to be the most stylistically different from her fellow members’ solos and from her group. It’s going to be interesting to watch where Hyoyeon will go next. The rest of the members that have gone solo have gotten the chance to release at least a mini album; Hyoyeon is certainly a member that could show a lot through such an opportunity. With just a little more investment from SM, Hyoyeon could easily put out something that could knock “Wannabe” and “Mystery” straight out of the park.

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Summary Hyoyeon's second solo venture "Wannabe" has its' highs and lows, but sets itself apart from her SNSD image.
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