Single Review: Kriesha Chu – Kriesha Chu 1st Single Album

Release Date: May 24, 2017


  1. 너였으면 해 (Feat. 용준형) (Prod. by 용준형, 김태주)
  2. Trouble (Prod. by 용준형, 김태주)

Total Runtime: 00:06:32

Recommended for: her fans of course, and Modern Pop enthusiasts.

NOT recommended for: fans of other K-Pop Star contestants who don’t like her, company fans, fans who only follow a small pool of idol groups, boring and uptight person, and Grinches.

K-Pop Star’s sweetheart Kriesha Chu (or Kriesha Tiu) finally made her anticipated début with her first single album, Kriesha Chu 1st Single Album (best album title ever). The sixth season runner-up worked with singer-songwriter from boy group HIGHLIGHT (previously known as BEAST), Yoon Junhyung and producer Kim Taeju. The single album consists of two new tracks, both produced by aforementioned music producers.

Track Review:

Track 1 – 너였으면 해 (Feat. 용준형) (Prod. by 용준형, 김태주) | I Wish It Were You (Feat. Yoon Junhyung) (Prod. by Yoon Junhyung, Kim Taeju)

Personally, “I Wish It Were You” is the best one out of the two tracks. But that didn’t surprise me at all because K-Pop these days has a knack of providing b-sides that are better than promoted or title tracks itself.

The song starts with palpable whistling (a common application nowadays) and guitar plays. Starting verses are delivered in an uplifting storytelling, and the build up to chorus is just pure eargasm. The chorus really shines here, it’s not really a hook but it sticks in your head regardless. Kudos to Kriesha and the producers for making that possible. Anyway, the transition from last verse connecting to the chorus is just perfect. It’s a sweet song even if you don’t know what does it says, cute but not done inordinately.

One of the best track so far from a soloist. I just simply love it and it’s okay to be honest while reviewing!

Track 2 – Trouble (Prod. by 용준형, 김태주) | Trouble (Prod. by Yoon Junhyung, Kim Taeju)

Here comes the title track, Trouble (I tried to make it not sounds like “here comes trouble!”). Trouble is actually a nice song, it just that the other track is better and that might affect our judgement and perception.

The song welcomes us with a flurry of brass and drums. The verses right after are mid-tempo and then, not much, there’s nothing much for me to say about this song because Trouble is basically a generic Pop song. And Pop is most probably the most rehashed music genre out there. Not much of a mixing going on either.

But again, it’s not bad but forgettable due to bland repetitiveness. I’m sorry Kriesha!



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