Singles Review : Super Junior D&E – If You & Circus (Japanese Releases)

Release Date : Jan 31, 2018 (If You) and Feb 28, 2018 (Circus)

Total Runtime : 00:05:21 and 00:03:44

Recommended for : D&E Fans, Casual Listeners

Not Recommended for : Non D&E Fans

Super Junior D&E are back with their monthly releases of Japanese singles, and this time, “If You” is a song written and composed by Super Junior D&E member, Donghae while “Circus” is a concept film where Donghae and Eunhyuk are downsized into video game characters (from their iconic ”Oppa Oppa” era) while playing a ”Circus” chase game.

Track Review:

If You

Interestingly, this song was made through a mobile concept video and personally, I like it as it shows relatable actions such as logging in to your phone app through a secured password and opening a music app to play the song. It’s a very cute concept that goes through what a person usually does other than listening to music, such as texting a friend, while adding bits of scenic view into the video in order to match the theme of the song. The downside of this video is that it needs to be watched on a mobile phone in order to enjoy the full experience. However, it doesn’t matter as much as the music is pleasing to the ear. This song was based on a winter theme but this was released in the end of January, which made it harder for me to adapt and enjoy the music fully. Perhaps, if this was released first before ”You Don’t Go”, it could have had a larger and more romantic impact. Hopefully, with a few more listens, this song will sound better to me and regardless of the theme, the boys’ sweet voices would definitely make up for it.


A 180 degrees change from ”If You” was ”Circus”. As mentioned earlier, the music video was a concept film where the members are downsized into video game characters while playing a ”Circus” chase game. I enjoyed this song very much and the fast yet exciting beat makes me feel pumped up. I feel that D&E pulls off this type of music concept very well, although in Japanese, they managed to deliver it effortlessly and it makes one bop to the music. Eunhyuk’s rap voice matches with the style of this music very well while Donghae’s angelic voice sums it up. The music video is unfortunately 1 minute plus long and it doesn’t reveal the entire song. However, it is available on streaming sites such as Spotify and is on ITunes as well. Although it was only released a few days ago, I’ve been listening to it repeatedly. This song is effective when you’re in need of a surge of energy. I recommend listening to this song because it gives you more than just enough, keeping you on the edge and wanting more.

So far, with the past four releases, my favorite would have been ”You Don’t Go” but ”Circus” is steadily climbing on my list as well. What do you think of the both songs? Let me know below! I hope the upcoming single at the end of March would be a bop, and they would continue the streak of releasing good quality singles.

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Summary Super Junior D&E are back with two singles for the months, January and February. Make sure to listen to them, instead of sleeping on them!
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