Singles Reviews : Super Junior D&E – Here We Are & You Don’t Go (Japanese Releases)

Release Date: Nov 29, 2017 (Here We Are) and Dec 27, 2017 (You Don’t Go)

Total Runtime: 00:03:16 and 00:03:47

Recommended for: Those who like D&E

Not Recommended for: Anyone who dislikes D&E

After Super Junior D&E’s KCON LA performance, they went on to film these two music videos. Neither of the music videos were fancy looking except for Here We Are’s glaring effects that were quite impressive but hurting one’s eyes at the same time. Nonetheless, D&E had managed to divert the attention from the setting of the music videos to their singing.

Track Review:

Here We Are

I like Here We Are.

This song is really powerful yet groovy at the same time and Eunhyuk’s rap captured my attention. Although he’s no Japanese guru, the way he delivered the rap was amazing! I have tried many times to imitate his rap but only the rap god managed to deliver it effortlessly. Kudos to him! Donghae mainly does the singing and although he sing the words ‘Break It’ with Eunhyuk about 20 times, he still manages to impress me with his honey-like voice and hitting the high notes coolly. Music video wise, it was really awkward to watch. They were fooling around in the middle of the desert but somehow, dancing and kicking the sand in the air in the desert seemed to be a really cool and fun thing to do. The music video includes shots of D&E but with weird yet striking effects that you would normally play with with a video editor program. There was another awkward part in the video as well, where Eunhyuk and Donghae were in the car. At first glance, Eunhyuk looks like he’s driving the car but as the camera zooms out, the car they are in are actually being wheeled by a vehicle in front. Say, was this more interesting or awkward to see? In my opinion, its a mixture of both but the main point is that the song itself is good nonetheless. It might not appeal to you the first time you listen but as you listen to it a few more times, the song gets looped in your head somehow. Now that’s the charm of music.

You Don’t Go

I like You Don’t Go too.

Perhaps I may come out as bias in liking both singles but truthfully, there’s nothing to dislike about both singles. Or you may like one single but dislike the other. I grew to a liking to “You Don’t Go” faster than I did with “Here We Are”. Although “You Don’t Go” sounded much more melancholic and moody than “Here We Are”, I had this single looped for the entire day and I was never tired of it. “You Don’t Go” music video was much simpler than “Here We Are”, as D&E were seen roaming around the streets of Los Angeles. There was a scene which was strikingly similar to D&E Korean single, Still You, where they meet each other after coming from the opposite sides of the street. Other than that, there were many shots of D&E themselves and a random girl running through the fields, possibly to imply the ‘You Don’t Go’ part. I liked the harmonization of D&E in this single too. When Donghae sings till a certain part, Eunhyuk immediately sings after which sounded really natural. The song flows very smoothly and there was not a single unnatural (dis harmonization, off beat etc) moment in the song.

Super Junior D&E have done a great job in both singles and I wish they would continue the streak (not the Snapchat streak) of making great music. Currently, they have been actively participating in production of music, variety shows (Donghae’s first comeback after 6 years!), photo shoots and a radio show in Japan. Hopefully, we’ll get to see more of that 2018 and make 2018 their year!

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Summary Super Junior D&E is back! They've released two singles for the months of November and December 2017, make sure you check them out before it's too late!
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