Song & MV Review: Younha’s Get It?

Talented solo artist Younha ditches her renowned ballads for a wild, girl crush jam featuring a Wonder Girl and a sassy rapper in her first release since late 2015.

The power vocalist had taken a seven-month lay-off, to recover from the vocal fatigue and changes she gained at the conclusion of her musical, Cinderella.

Younha returns with the badass, pop track “Get It? (알아듣겠지)” which features her good friend Yeeun/HA:TFELT and label-mate Cheetah.

“Get It?” is a track which is perfect for a crazy Friday night sleepover with your squad.

The MV appears to be an insanely fun night in where party host Younha lets her hair loose with the company of a tipsy Yeeun and foxy Cheetah. From drinking toxic tea, trespassing out-of-bounds areas and random mannequins to burning pizza in an oven – the visuals follow the line and main theme: “I’m fucking crazy”. A focal point worth admiring is the ladies’ wardrobe in the video. Younha’s white, long-sleeved and short length lace dress is gorgeous and she also rocked her edgier denim jacket, oozing with charisma. Yeeun mainly dressed like a drunken fortune teller, but her aqua contacts was the selling point. Whatever Cheetah wears, her smoky black eyes and red lipstick will always make her look like a rap god. Donning a tight leather dress and glossy black hat, Cheetah looked boss. Expressions were great, as the ladies’ intense stares and head turning fitted the wild theme to a tee. Perhaps the MV could have been better in terms of creating an actual storyline rather than rad scenes scattered here and there.

Vocal wise, “Get It?” is vastly different from the usual resonant belts Younha would sing in her songs. The range is very comfortable for both Younha and Yeeun’s skill level, except for some whispered low notes and the sole high note that was strained by Younha. Nevertheless, the ladies did well in maintaining an addictive tune that was head-bang worthy. Cheetah had plenty of rap lines and she delivered them flawlessly and full of spice and sass. Overall, the vocal and rap components combined with the confronting and punchy lyrics to great effect.


Fun and addicting tune filled with attitude that will get the party started


OH!Press' resident journo

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