DREAM. The angelic vocalists from miss A and EXO, Suzy and Baekhyun, collaborate to bring us a wonderful track, Dream. It’s a jazzy track that has a tune to sway your head along to. The song made me feel warm inside, and there are so many things I had to say about it. Please read on, as I’ll be reviewing this lovely duet track.

Before I jump into reviewing, listen to the track yourself!

What’s not to love about this song? With the lovely and heart-warming lyrics, to the jazzy backing track, Dream has everything you want from a duet. The video itself doesn’t show anything too fancy– the two singers looking at each other, exchanging gazes whilst singing along. It’s portrayed as if it was a proper conversation between them, not something being acted out, which I enjoyed due to it bringing an even more cosy feel. The instruments are played beautifully, and go very well with the awesome vocals of Suzy and Baekhyun.

I’m not a huge ballad fan, but after listening to this duet, I think I will be. The song isn’t your average ballad with a sad back story and low-note played instruments, but a happy ballad that explains the love between the two, a sweet dream that can’t be dreamt of again, and finding someone who was just like that dream.

The translation of the lyrics made this song even better for me. The way they describe each other is truly lovely, and brings this song to a high for me. The talk in the lyrics goes on about how the dream they both had was one that was sweet, one that reminded them of each other.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this collaboration between these two sweet vocalists, and I am anticipating further duets by the two of them.

Replayability: GREEN

r21pIbRI’ll be replaying this song a lot.



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