Song Review: Doyoung (NCT), Sejeong (Gugudan) – Star Blossom (SM STATION)

Release Date: October 13, 2017


  1. 별빛이 피면 (Star Blossom)
  2. 별빛이 피면 (Star Blossom) (Inst.)

Total Runtime: 00:07:02

Recommended for: those who seek beautiful and dreamlike duet songs with sultry vocals.

NOT recommended for: those who are not here for jazzy ballad or slow song.

SM Entertainment continues to provide us with a stream of constant music releases under their flagship digital music project, SM Station. This time around, the station features two young and rising stars; Doyoung from NCT and Sejeong from Gugudan. A quite surprising combination for a duet I must say. But can these two pull it off? Or will they fail to captivate listeners?

Track Review:

Track 1 – 별빛이 피면 (Star Blossom)

They did just that. In fact, this song well exceeded my expectation. Star Blossom’s instrumental reminds me a little of La La Land (a Hollywood movie in case you don’t know) and Studio Ghibli’s (how can you not know them?) trademark magical and spiritual world soundtracks, a mix of both. First few seconds in and we are warmly greeted with saccharine but high-pitched (yet) soft percussion sounds hitting each idiophone to good effect. Loved it. On the other hand, there’s nothing else I can say about their vocals other than that their voices are made and shaped from heavens above, destined for each other. Just like how this song has magical vibes to it, Doyoung and Sejeong are presumably star-crossed lovers. Although in their world, they are actual lovers but to them it still feel so much like they are still living a life together in an anti-monochromatic lucid dream.

The music video is simple but prominently coated with quasi-nostalgic frames. It looks like a music video recorded with Instagram filters, frankly speaking. Instagram however is no stranger to doting lovebirds and their easy-on-the-eyes captions and filters. It fits perfectly for these two young couple who are still head over heels to each other. Now that I mentioned them, they did look pseudo-awkward at times when together but that simply adds more sweetness to a rather linear storytelling. In a way, Star Blossoms genuinely gave me butterflies. This part (0:02:18 – end) in particular is my favourite.



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