Song Review: Taehyun and Mino ‘Pricked’

The sweet essence of WINNER’s long awaited comeback lingers heavily in the air and as usual, YG puts us InnerCircles through a trial of suffering for reasons unknown. *Groans obnoxiously loud* Luckily, we fans have been generously gifted with angst-filled entry single, ‘Pricked’– an immaculate duet by the angel toned Taehyun and jagged rapper Mino.

This tragically beautiful song paints a wretched tale of love’s sharp thorns after a nasty breakup. Take a listen and allow yourself to be absorbed in sorrow. I assure you the result will be satisfying.

The immediate second the track begins, Mino expresses his pain by bidding farewell to his former lover for he can no longer endure the torment their twisted love constricts him in. The listener is cascaded into a bushel of love’s sharp thorns lyric for lyric and it’s painful prick can be felt in every word. Taehyun amplifies the song’s grief stricken theme as he beautifully strings together a few lines asking the simple question of: why?

“To me, to me, why, why?”

“When are you going to let go of me?”

He then delicately ushers into the chorus, which is riddled with agony and despair of how much the two would rather not see nor think about ‘her’ at all. They’d prefer if she’d just go on her own way without a single word. I can’t help but relate to the realism that this certain set of lyrics holds: “Mature while loving but after saying goodbye, we act like children.” Bruh, been there, done that. Preach.

The melody of a strumming guitar matches crazily well with the song’s pacing and lyrical arrangement. Mino executes the rap portion of the song efficiently. As the tune fluctuates to the intense climax, I’m left an emotional wreck. I found myself becoming star-eyed listening to Mino’s soft and husky singing; I was honestly impressed by it. Also, of course, Taehyun’s high notes never fail in rendering me an absolute mess. So it’s safe to say, I’m in love with this track.

For me, a song is a journey the artist takes you on through a veil of words. Though heartbreaking, ‘Pricked’ is a truly beautiful song where not only are you influenced to listen but also to feel the message it conveys.

Bias aside, if you’re not a huge fan of slower paced songs, you might not enjoy this as much as I do. However, it only takes another listen to see a song in a different view.

Now, if you would excuse me, I’m going to go groan out my emotions over in a corner somewhere.

Replayability– GREEN

Forgive me but the emo in me needs a infinite replay

It's too late for me. Save yourself.

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