Song Review: Sohee – Spotlight

Release Date: May 19, 2017


  1. Spotlight

Runtime: 00:03:10

Recommended for: Sohee and ELRIS fansDance Pop fans, old school K-Pop fans (that time when soloists rule the land), SBS’s K-Pop Star followers.

NOT recommended for: potato couch, K-Pop fans who only seek idol group music, or those who just don’t care about singers outside of their spectrum of interest.

Kim Sohee made her solo début as a BoA’s reincarnation (let’s be honest she’s the closest one so far). Her début provides us with something fresh at least for these last few years, or did she? Anyway, Sohee is one of the member of soon-to-début girl group called ELRIS and this début will definitely sparks some interest within K-Pop community. By the way apparently ELRIS is also one of those (few) idol groups with unique group slash member concepts. Each member represents an embodiment of natural elements and our Sohee here is representing the sky. Sounds about right. Let’s get down to business, shall we?

Song Review:

Track – Spotlight

Spotlight is a contemporary dance track that applied common Pop song structure although the chorus is a bit of a blur for me. You know, like something The Chainsmokers would do. Anyways, Sohee’s voice on the other hand is really nice for a soloist, a reminiscence to BoA who herself is a legendary soloist with a multitude of talents. In the music video, she showcases her dancing prowess well with her trusted partner, the chair, and accompanied with two male dancers. She looks natural while at it, just like BoA. Oh no no rest assure we’re not going to compare them because that’s totally unfair but Sohee has all the potentials to become a good soloist. If her company promote.. try.. uh.. never mind..

Oh oh one more thing! I find it funny that Kriesha Chu is debuting as a soloist but to me she seems better off as a girl group member compared to Sohee who is debuting as a member of girl group Elris. But that’s just my opinion.

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