Song Review : Super Junior One More Chance

Release Date : October 31, 2017


  1. ‘비처럼가지마요’ – Don’t Leave By The Rain/One More Chance

Total Runtime : 00:04:39

Recommended for : Elfs, those who are interested in something fresh and beautiful.

Not Recommended for : Antis, of course.

On 12 AM KST October 30, Super Junior released a music track, ‘One More Chance’ ahead of their long-awaited comeback, Play. This song is written by Super Junior member Donghae and the rap by Eunhyuk.

Track Review:

I don’t know where to start from honestly, this song wowed me entirely and it’s been a really long time since I heard from Super Junior as a group. This comeback has been a tricky one, with Kangin and Sungmin not included in this comeback and more recently, Siwon who has backed out from their promotional activities. While listening to this song, I feel more sentimental and melancholy than usual due to the recent happenings but I must say Donghae really did a great job in composing this song. If you have followed Super Junior on SJ Returns (V App), you would have realized that this song was carefully planned by Donghae as he went through several changes to the song and faced challenges while recording this song. (Go and watch if you haven’t).

As this song was kind of revealed on SJ Returns, from the first listening, I was hooked entirely. Although there were only bits and pieces released here and there, the members voice were equally powerful and emotional, making this song worth the listen. I can’t stop the overflowing praises that is threatening to release from my keyboard but in short, listen to this and be amazed. It will make you cry harder when you read the English translation of this song. Eunhyuk’s rap is flawless, he wrote it from scratch and having 13 years of experience, you could tell that he is talented in this area, being able to write a rap by himself. I would like to commend Heechul for not giving up and putting his best effort while singing, even though he’s more well-known in the variety entertainment, I hope people would appreciate his singing, which was beautifully sung. The members really put in their effort into song, not because its Donghae who composed it but they really liked it and wished to share this song with the fans and people who are interested.

I hope Super Junior have more of such songs in future, or in their upcoming album as well. So far, they have done well in getting recognition from the general public and I wish them all the best in their upcoming comeback! Super Junior THE LAST MEN STANDING!

(P/s, Label SJ, SM please release ‘One More Chance’ digital single juseyo)

Review overview
Summary Super Junior is back after 2 years on hiatus and this song strengthens their vocals, which was really impressive and likable. Be sure to check this song out in their upcoming album, Play!

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