Song Review: Zico – She’s a Baby

Release Date: April 13, 2017

Total Runtime: 0:02:45

Recommended for: Loyal Zico fans, those who love a sweet love song, or someone who wants the perfect song to listen to on a sunny, spring day.

NOT Recommended for: Those who prefer Zico for his hip-hop style, or those who are looking for an upbeat banger to jam out to.

Never have we seen Zico as gentle as this.

April 13 brought the release of Block B’s leader’s newest solo release, “She’s a Baby” which can only be described as a soft, mellow, serenade with ethereal tones and a music video to boot.

It’s a stark change from the Zico the general public knows; the rough, top-notch idol rapper with hit releases like “Bermuda Triangle” and “Eureka” under his belt. This time around he projects his softer side; one with delicate vocals and falsettos dancing about, slightly reminiscent of his 2016 hit “I Am You, You Are Me.”

“She’s a Baby,” however, takes a less dreamy, hazy approach than “I Am You, You Are Me” in exchange for a sweet, strumming guitar and light drumbeat that’s perfect for the spring season. It’s romantic, heartfelt lyrics drive the song as Zico sings about a girl so precious and innocent it makes your toes curl from the slight cheesiness.

Nevertheless, it’s a side of Zico that is enjoyable to see. One that focuses more on vocals and less on his usual raps and rhymes. And it’s a song that is critical in Zico’s ever-growing solo discography. Producing and writing all his own music, Zico has a particular amount of control when it comes to the image he puts out and the genres he experiments with. As a producer, he needs to be able to show that he has a level of diversity when it comes to his creations. We’ve seen him do hip-hop over and over. We’ve seen him do jazz, ballads, R&B, and just plain, straight up pop too. But we’ve never seen him do quite something like this. And it’s what makes “She’s a Baby” all the more impressive, and all the more important, too.

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Summary Soft and oh so sweet, Zico shows his sensitive side in this light, delicate single perfect for spring.
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