Star Trend Alert: China’s Upcoming Hottest Actor

The seasons have started to shift once again, for some the leaves have started to change colours and for others the flowers are waking up to say hello.  Anticipation for the warmer or colder months arrive, as ‘In the Name of People’ continues to take China by storm; reaching ratings never seen before.  News of an acting newcomer has started to widely circulate Weibo.  Like the arrival of most new fresh meats, scepticism is more prevalent than not.  But, I can’t exactly say this new actor falls in the line of ‘fresh meat’.

Although, he is to make his first small screen appearance in an upcoming idol drama, his Weibo followers already surpasses 2 million.  His credentials far surpass that of any current idol actor.  Can you guess who he is?

Who is he?

So why exactly is his debut ‘anticipated’?  You’re correct, in the sense he is famous, but for his works behind the scene.  He made his debut as a screen writer in 2003 and took on his first producer role in 2005.  Having first worked with TVB to starting his own studio, you can say he’s quite the success story.  He was one of the few to defend and continue working with Yang Mi, despite the black listing she had occurring.  And he has worked to bring forward some of the most successful and popular idol actors today.   However, his ride to success has not exactly been controversy free.

Chinese Actress Yang Mi

In 2004, the media reported that he was threatening to sue another producer for failing to include his name in the writing credits, however, no legal action actually occurred.  In 2009, he worked with popular actress Ruby Lin, in one of the most successful dramas of 2010.  However, their relationship deterioration was public broadcast on Weibo, when Lin refused to work with him again, opting to travel down the route of Producer herself.    The two further sub wrote, some relatively direct remarks at one another on Weibo.

Taiwanese Actress Ruby Lin

In 2011, after the release of another hit drama series, he was further engrossed in plagiarism accusations with a popular online novelist.  However, at the time the novelist decided to back down from her claims, believing she was too new to the entertainment industry.  The two would later be embroiled in another plagiarism scandal in 2014, being one of the seven lawsuits he would face for plagiarism.  This man’s co-writer testified against him in court, claiming he told her that as long as the plagiarism did not exceed more than 20% then the courts would rule there was not sufficient evidence to comprise a law suit.

Hunan Television Logo: China’s second most watched channel

In 2012, the social justice warrior in this man, made him consult to Weibo about a sexual harassment case between a director and actress that had been fired.  This case ended in the director suing for defamation and the court ruling in his favour.  The following year this man was assaulted by an actor.  The actor was vehement with his decision, refusing to offer an apology afterwards.

Despite many controversies this man continues to write and produce successful dramas, generally broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV.  His influence in the idol industry, although rather negative is undeniable and impossible to replicate.  Known to some as mother, he is currently 39 years old.  Have you figure out who he is?

You’re right, if you guessed Yu Zheng also known as Yu Mama.  This is not a joke.  Costume stills were released late last week of Yu Zheng in armour to undertake a role in his newest television drama Untouchable Lovers starring Guan Xiao Tong and Song Wei Long.  The drama will no doubt, include Yu Zheng’s typical and frustrating drama tricks. So really his acting is possibly the least of the problems to arise.   Enjoy if you wish to.  Laugh if you don’t.

Do you think Yu Zheng will do well in his role?  Or should he focus on developing the storyline of books coherently and stay faithful to the novels he has purchased rights to?  What are your thoughts on Yu Zheng as a writer or producer?


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