The Start of E.G. Family: A Quick Guide


As many may have heard and seen throughout Twitter and Instagram today, what E.G. Evolution was all about was revealed today. It came to a surprise to everyone that E-girls and the sub units were going to be restructured. They announced that the group E-girls will now be in an organization known as “E.G. Family.”

Back in April of 2011, E-girls was an entertainment project that started to join the members of Dream, Flower, and Happiness, and began activities at a larger scale. After 6 years, the 19 members began to discuss the future of E-girls as well as their own individual dreams and ways to make E-girls more brilliant. With that, E-girls has decided to participate in a new structure called “E.G. Family.” The new lineup will only include 11 members. Their last TV appearance as 19 members will be at Music Station on June 9th and the last tour with 19 members will be their 2-day tour, “E-girls LIVE 2017~E.G.EVOLUTION~”

E.G. Family includes seven artists: E-girls, Dream Ami, DANCE EARTH PARTY, Happiness, Flower, ShuuKaRen, and SudannaYuzuYully. E-girls, which has been working as a “project” so far will start anew as one team of 11 members (it will not be a rotational group as far as I know so we won’t be able to see other Flower or Happiness members participate in some singles). Bunnies and Rabbits will be training under what is now called EXPG Lab where vocals and performers train with various opportunities and activities.

Members Goals



  • Will retire from being a Dream and E-girls member
  • To become the creative manager of E-girls and act as a staff, support E-girls future activities
  • Will continue being a photographer and graphic designer for all the artists.


  • To focus solely on future activities in DANCE EARTH PARTY, a unit with EXILE members TETSUYA and USA.


  • To focus solely on her future as a solo artist “Dream Ami,” will leave being a member of E-girls.



  • To devote her time and attention to Happiness. As Happiness’s leader and choreographer, she decided to withdraw herself from E-girls to fully develop herself as a stage/performance director in hope to improving Happiness as a group.


  • To also withdraw herself from E-girls in order to focus on and improve her vocals, taking classes in New York. She hopes to increase her vocal capabilities and help the group explore even more diverse music colors.



  • Being one of the busiest members of E-girls, having to juggle various activities from E-girls, Flower, ShuuKaRen, modeling, acting, and commercials on a tight schedule. She decided to withdraw from E-girls as it will give her more time to focus and improve on her own group and activities.


  • As Flower’s leader, Manami made the decision to focus entirely on Flower and will make the group better than ever before.


  • She will leave E-girls to focus on herself and improving her capability as a dancer, to improve her skills not only to herself but to Flower’s dance line as a whole. Mio would also like to take on a challenge towards acting.

Release Announcements 

Dream Ami

Dream Ami
Ami will be releasing her 5th single “Kimi no Tonari” on July 12th! She will also be releasing her first original solo album in September! Details will be announced at a later date.


DANCE EARTH PARTY will be releasing a new single on June 9th, titled “Wave”!


E-girls (New Lineup)
E-girls will be releasing their 18th single (and first with the new lineup) “Love☆Queen” on July 26th! The group will also be going on a two day “E-girls LIVE 2017~E.G.EVOLUTION~” tour in July (final tour with the 19 member lineup)! Detailed information to come later.


Happiness will be releasing a brand new single in September! Details to be revealed at a later date.


Flower will be releasing their 15th single “Taiyou no Aitouka (Elegy)” (“Elegy of the Sun”) on August 23rd! More details to be announced at a later date.


ShuuKaRen will be releasing a brand new single in Fall 2017! More details to be announced later.


SYY will be releasing their second single “CALL ME NOW” on August 9th! Details to be revealed at a later date.

What did you think of E-girls’s major announcement with them now becoming E.G. Family? Write your comments down below. You can check out more on their official page: E-girls


Sakura Harano
Japanese entertainment centered 🌹 a フェアリーズ and Camila Cabello fangirl

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  • Onlyhere

    This change is too drastic and I don’t know how I feel about it.

    The new line-up…

    Reina already sings for all flower songs is this not tough on her. Alongside this, will e-girls only have 3 vocalists – Karen, Reina and yuzu? I wishes Ruri would have stayed in E-girls so that her vocals gets more spotlight plus she would have been a good supporter for Reina in vocals. However, I’m interested how Ruri will sound in the future she has a really good voice.

    Since Yurino, Shuuka and Anna are still in the line up are they maybe gonna introduce them as vocals/rap?

    Tbh I’m just gonna wait for their release to make my mind.

    Still Happy for happiness, flower and shuukaren release though. Seems like Ldh wants to develop the brand.

    • Sakura Harano

      I’m pretty curious now if they’ll use Yurino and Anna to rap since in previous songs, Shizuka did the rap/talk lines. For example in Dance Dance Dance and Pink Champagne. Shuuka is actually not in the new lineup, she cites that her schedule is too busy so she decided to leave E-girls.