Storytime : I miss cocaine because of Bona???

Legend says Bona is an actual goddess..

A goddess like her shouldn’t be allowed to mingle with puny humans..

But as perfect as she is, she seeks equality and is more than willing to bless us with her beauty and graces us as an idol for us to worship..

Putting her life at risk from Supreme God Shi Dae’s iron claw to help misguided beings..

Kim Jiyeon ahhhnnn.. I mean uhm oh cue Kim Jiyeon gifs..

Is it foolish to say otherwise? Yes you fool! Snap out of it and accept her extraterrestrial presence..

The glowing goddess blessed us with her ritual dance of cult classic “I Wish” from Wuju’s sub-religion, Bonafideitylogy..

Goddess Bona also invented (most beautiful ever) Mannequin Challenge, of course after performing the final procedure together with second-in-command goddess Luda to stop time..

It won’t hurt to appreciate her mesmerizing beauty again..

..featuring second-in-command HBIC Goddess Luda

Let’s end this reminder post with WJSN’s début and only title track, Secret..

..and their one and only b-side, I Wish

Legendary boy group Super Junior released a Bona-centric track called Bonamana. The song was released in 2013 but WJSN made their debut last year. Her immense impact transcends space and time. Incredible!

Oh wait where’s the cocaine part? Nope, not here. I won’t associate innocent idol like Bona with it. You won’t find clickbaity article like this anywhere else but here, with unoriginal contents and elementary writings. Buy From. 우주소녀 From. WJSN – EP on iTunes and don’t do drugs!



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