Summer of 2016 K-Pop Playlist: Part 2

Summer is almost over. With the arrival of August, many of us are preparing to go back to school in the fall. I would much rather be on the beach than be sitting in a hot, sweaty classroom, learning about a subject I don’t care about. These summer jams (you can check out part one by Mogwai here) will be sure to amp up your final days of tanning, barbecuing, and enjoying summer to it’s full potential.

Eric Nam – Can’t Help Myself (feat. Loco)

Are you having a summer fling? A “some” relationship? If you are, then this song is for you (even if you aren’t, you should still listen to it)!

Eric Nam proves to the world once again that he can pull off a range of music, whether it be ballads or funky upbeat songs like this. Eric’s sweet, yet sexy voice combined with the the guitar riff in the background creates magic in your earbuds. Loco’s rap adds an extra “smash”, completing this wonderfully fun and cute bop.

FTISLAND – Take Me Now

The K-Pop boy band of the century is back with their newest head-banger, Take Me Now!

This song speaks to those who feel lost, maybe in denial over the summer ending? If you are into crazy, hardcore rock-and-roll songs like myself, this song is your cup of tea – iced tea preferably. Compared to the other songs on this list, this one is very intense; the words “Take me now, trust me now, break me down” repeating over and over again combined with Hongki’s amazingly husky vocals.

Stellar – Crying

Getting over that summer fling I mentioned a few paragraphs ago? Stellar is too, in their newest why-isn’t-this-song-charting bop, Crying!

Arguably one of Brave Brothers best releases this year, this EDM-inspired song has a softer feel to it than most of the harder dance tracks that are released during this time of year. The girls utilize their clear and bright vocals to reveal that they are always thinking about their ex, whether it be when listening to music, drinking, eating or sleeping! The summer is all about new beginnings, so listen to this song, cry your eyes out and go outside! There isn’t a reason to be sad when it’s this beautiful out!

f(x) – All Mine

Feeling on top of the world, like nothing can stop you this summer? Then listen to f(x)’s newest track out of SM Station, All Mine!

f(x) proved to us yet again that they are one of top girl groups out there with this EDM-focused track. SM has found a very recent interest in EDM, which we first saw in f(x) with Luna’s solo release, Free Somebody. This song’s super bright message combined with the upbeat flow manages to get any person, K-Pop fan or not, out of their seats dancing!

OH MY GIRL – A-ing

OH MY GIRL is following up their successful year with their newest track, A-ing!

You want a song that screams summer? This is your best bet! A-ing, along with the rest of the tracks on OH MY GIRL’s latest mini album Summer Party are remakes of summer songs of the past, giving you a taste of plenty of genres different. A-ing features the kings of summer, Skull and Haha, who help add a reggae twist to this cutesy song. Skull and Haha both proclaim this track to be “the hottest of the summer”, so go ahead and take a listen!

You can find me lurking in a trash, waiting for upcoming girl groups to finally debut

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