Background Vocalist Idols In Your Fave KPOP Songs

Sometimes when we listen to a certain song, we don't immediately recognise a voice singing an ad-lib in the background, or leading the song's chorus. And then we go for days and days, wondering and debating about who it is until someone gets their hands on the physical copy of the album, if

Album Review – Baek Yerin’s Bye Bye My Blue

Release Date : June 19, 2016 Tracklist : 1. Bye Bye My Blue 2. 그의 바다 3. Zero Total Runtime: 00 : 10: 35 Recommended for: Listeners who adore ballads, noteworthy vocals and break-up songs NOT recommended for: Those who do not fancy slow and sentimental songs Soulful singer-songwriter 15&’s Baek Yerin says “Bye Bye My Blue” to