Drama Review: Defendant

Defendant, a drama that finished its run a few months ago in South Korea, was met with a warm reception by the general public. That wasn't altogether shocking given its star-studded cast and story of chaebol corruption. There's nothing like a good morally bereft CEO to fuel a modern K-Drama,

Drama Review: When a Snail Falls in Love

Crime may have no borders, but justice can be found by crossing them. The recent C-drama When a Snail Falls in Love illustrates this in chilling detail in its travel through the sprawling cities of China and jungles of Myanmar. This high stakes drama combines mystery, police work, and a nice

Drama Review: Go Princess Go

What do you get when a womanizing 21st century man is sent back in time to live in the body of a Chinese princess married to the emperor-to-be? Well, the delightfully low-budget Chinese drama Go Princess Go proves the outcome of this situation to be absolute hilarity. 4053

Drama Review: Cheese in the Trap

If you're looking for a roller coaster ride of a drama, Cheese in the Trap is for you. And by that I mean one that brings you up so high in the beginning with excitement only to drop you in a second during the latter half of the ride. This drama had

Drama Review: Choco Bank

When chocolate and financial advising combine in a rom-com web drama, you get a strange but lovely little mix of sweetness and struggle. Such is the premise of the drama Choco Bank, which features Exo's Kai as a man trying to make his own success in a world run by money.

Drama Review: Imaginary Cat

Yoo Seung Ho and adorable cats meet in Imaginary Cat, a lovable little web drama about a man with crumbling dreams who learns to rely on the people, and pets, around him to find success. There's a lot of cute to be had in this drama and love triangle featuring