Drama Review: Go Princess Go

What do you get when a womanizing 21st century man is sent back in time to live in the body of a Chinese princess married to the emperor-to-be? Well, the delightfully low-budget Chinese drama Go Princess Go proves the outcome of this situation to be absolute hilarity. 4053

Drama Review: Cheese in the Trap

If you're looking for a roller coaster ride of a drama, Cheese in the Trap is for you. And by that I mean one that brings you up so high in the beginning with excitement only to drop you in a second during the latter half of the ride. This drama had

Drama Review: Choco Bank

When chocolate and financial advising combine in a rom-com web drama, you get a strange but lovely little mix of sweetness and struggle. Such is the premise of the drama Choco Bank, which features Exo's Kai as a man trying to make his own success in a world run by money.

Drama Review: Imaginary Cat

Yoo Seung Ho and adorable cats meet in Imaginary Cat, a lovable little web drama about a man with crumbling dreams who learns to rely on the people, and pets, around him to find success. There's a lot of cute to be had in this drama and love triangle featuring

Drama Review: Sassy, Go Go

When I first began watching Sassy, Go Go, having only heard that it was a cheerleading drama, I think I was unconsciously expecting the Korean version of Bring It On. However, this drama takes the premise of cheerleading and uses it in a story about friendship, family, and forgiveness rather than a