Flop but Dope #1: D-Unit

Flop does not necessarily means bad. It is just an outcome from an effort. An effort is noble. In K-Pop context, this usually translates to how does an act fare on charts. Numerical superiority is somewhat considered as a major indicator for success. It is quantifiable, something that is easy

The Impact Of Korean Hip-Hop

South Korea, the center of a musical wave worldly known as "Hip-Hop." After the ending of Show Me The Money 4, I'd like to take a brief time to focus on the highlights hip-hop had in South Korea, and to the importance its had over the world. 1847

Show Me The Money 4: Crash Course

For those that aren't already watching, Show Me The Money is a rap competition show that airs on Mnet. In the same fashion as one of the hottest music competition shows on television, The Voice, the contestants are put into teams, lead by some of the hottest stars in the Korean