Where Are They Now?: LC9

Some of you may remember the hype surrounding Nega Network's new boy group, LC9, back in early 2013 - just shy of their May debut. They were going to be a powerhouse force, comprised of members Rasa, E.DEN, J-HYO, Jun, King, and and AO. Their first mini album, "Skirmish", had

Is Japan’s Taste in Music Really that Diverse? A Look at Japan’s Top 25 Heisei and Showa Era Sellers (Part 1)

One look at the Oricon charts today and it's often hard to tell what Japan's music tastes are. Idols seem to constantly be topping the daily, weekly, monthly, and year-end charts, and with large fan bases, English subbed TV shows, and near-full music videos, they're certainly the most easily accessible. But talk

The Girl’s Day Conundrum

Ring my bell teaser image

Girl’s Day are a hot topic right now, and sadly not because they released such an awesome summer track with an almost Eurodance feel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4sN05-xIs4 Sadly, Girl’s Day have made the internet all about them for all the wrong reasons. In case you missed it, Girl’s Day were on a broadcast on Afreeca